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  1. Fuck man. Here in Puerto Rico at the dispos you can get an 1/8 for 14 bucks to 20! I always buy top and I pay 55 to 65 for half an OZ and 110 for an OZ (theres some Oz on 80 us dollars). On the rest of latin america its A LOT cheaper.

  2. Wankers need there bud to have girlie names like and come in Pokémon looking packaging.. fools.
    My weed comes wrapped in a torn black bag as standard and costs 30£ no matter what it is.
    Pompous clowns

  3. Home grown packaged in some flashy packs. 🤣🤣🤣 Dude get your shit together with terp description. Zkittles isnt a catch all for mild gas and citrus fruit aromatics.

    Indeed zkittles is well played out. Pretty meh strain imo.

  4. You literally need tk be careful cause you just commited a crime in London going to a undeground place to buy as you clearly state on this video . If i cant smoke freely in my country ima hate on u sorry

  5. My guy u just buying 1800 packs that some trappers decided to have sticker farmer make the mylars for a couple points extra and it’s just straight salt grown doody from a facility producing 100’s of pounds so a bunch of stuff that doesn’t pass regulations are in those buds and u buy it cause it’s in a shiny bag and pretends to be a “brand” these brands don’t even grow 😂😂😂😂

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