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  1. We have this going on right now! We are going with PRP to start, 2 rounds (make sure you know that the vet will recommend more than 1 round) and PEMF — I have my own magnawave device. We also got a wheelchair for him. However, we have such a problem keeping our lab from being to bouncy and active! We have 2 other dogs, and our yard is all hilly. He won’t go to the bathroom on a leash on our property — though he’s perfectly fine peeing on some else’s lawn! We’re doing our best and keeping our fingers crossed it works enough. We also have Dr. Jones’s supplements.

  2. Is it normal for the acl tendon to bunch up at the bacl of the dogs rear leg it injured? Had the local vets say my older dog tore her acl. trying to check her daily to make sure i dont miss new injuries because shes a breed that doesnt show pain unless its really really bad. I feel a smll ball half the size of a golfball on her inner rear thigh towards her urethra.

  3. My last dog was a chihuahua cross she was very tiny and her bones were really fine the vet and I decided not to operate and she healed I carried her everywhere a lot and she was in pain relief.
    They say they usually do the other one but she never did.
    She healed really well sadly she’s passed on at the age of 15.

  4. My question here is…..why is this health challenge happening to so many dogs? I hear from many dog owners that their dog has torn their ACL. Weekend warrior dogs are more prone to this as they get limited exercise during the week when their owners are working and then on the weekends their owners try to over compensate and they are doing much more exercise such as running more, hiking, jumping. And then bam…..torn ACL or another leg injury.

  5. Two thirds… That's great. But would take a chance if my dog might fall into that third that doesn't heal? I had a dog who suffered this injury. Surgery was 100% successful, but it cost me a huge sum.

  6. Dr. Jones is totally correct. I have a European Doberman who tore her acl. We live in a house with two sets of stairs.

    Two different vets wanted to perform surgery that inserted metal brackets in her leg. A very exspense and violent procedure that is not successful. I cried and cried.

    I did a ton of research. I found a vet in sterling va
    .. Animal Ortho Care who will make a custom stifle brace for ACL tears. It cost around $795. Even if you live across the county you can use them, they sent me a custom casting kit to make a mold of her leg. For a perfect fit. I am not a paid rep, I am a grateful dog mom.

    So like Dr. Jones said. 1) We stopped all running and jumping. My husband built a custom wood set of stairs for the end of the bed. So she could get on/off our bed without jumping. Took me a day to train her to use them. 2) we had to lose weight … she went from 95 lbs to 83 lbs by decreasing her dog food (kibble .. Nutro weight management) and increasing the volume using things like green beans, blueberries, plain yogurt, and sardines. This step to several months, but we achieved a healthy weight. 3) we have her on joint supplements and omega 3 oil. 4) we used the custom stifle brace during her awake hours for a solid 6 months. It stabilized her knee until the scar tisse built up and acted like a natural knee stablizer 5) we actually have 2 dobermans, so all outside and play time had to be supervised to call down the girls when they were getting too rough.

    This was 6 years ago, and my girl is doing great walkin. She never had to have that aweful surgey. It was a long healing process, but it can be done.

  7. I regret doing the acl surgery on my senior dog. It was so heartbreaking watching him in pain. Now his other back leg is hurting and he’s limping. I definitely will not do another surgery on him. I will try these natural remedies all thanks to you Doctor 🙏🏼❤️

  8. our boy has now done both ACL’s. first one we did PRP with great results and the second one (opposite leg) was a complete tear. We were told surgery was the only option, but went with my gut and opted for collagen-rich bone broth, green lipped muscle, PEA and vet rehab sessions. he is now back to full hour walks 6 months later!

  9. My 62lbs Lab-X had TPLO surgery one year ago. It was expensive ($4200) but worked exceptionally well and fast. She extensively started to drool after I gave her the pain medication (Gabapentin), so I gave her a quarter of it and soon no medication at all and observed her carefully. She had no pain and did fine without meds. I give her green tea, turmeric and green lipped muscle powder.
    My concern was how fast the leg muscles atrophied, and with TPLO she was able to walk on that injured leg within 2 weeks of surgery and built her muscles back quickly. But I also had to follow a strict recovery plan for 12 weeks, because it still needs to fully heel regardless of what you decide to do.
    One year later she is doing very well, and I’m as careful as I can be not get the other ACL torn. I’m not sure what I would do if that happened, since she’s already nine years old. 😊

  10. My GSD has a torn ligament in his front left ankle, so unfortunately a brace won’t work for him 🫤. Our vet advised against surgery. Arctic is currently on Adequan injections and Dasequin, and yesterday our vet added Librela. Thankfully Arctic’s not overweight, but unfortunately he loves to run. Keeping him sedentary is going to be difficult, but if it will allow him to heal it will be worth the groans and reproachful looks he’s so good at. Does anyone else have experience with a front ankle ligament tear, and is it possible to recover naturally from this?

  11. My 120lb Cane Corso (avg to slightly below weight for her size) blew her ACL. Not only could I not afford the surgery, but there wasn't any local vets that performed the particular surgery she needed. I had a honest vet that explained the surgery to me and how bad it actually was…they literally cut the ball joint off…he said its extremely painful for the dog and recovery was not easy nor guaranteed and many times unsuccessful.

    As Dr Jones directed, I was told to restrict her movement (I was told for a full month) and then slowly add activity.

    I wrapped her leg as well during the month of restricted movement

    I also bought a collapsible 2 tier step-stool to get her in and out of my SUV and used them from that day going forward (which learning to use the step-stool totally came in handy as she aged, because I'm disabled myself so I would not have been able to lift her) using the steps kept the jarring/jolting of the front legs and shoulder joints jumping down, and more stability for the rear legs and hip joints getting in

    She healed well!…I'd say 95% (I continued to keep a guarded and mindful eye on her, and reeled he in when she got rambunctious)

  12. Brace, rest, minimal walking for 2 months, turmeric, fish oil, glucosamine and green lipped mussel supplements did it for me. She was running after 4 months.
    Meloxicam is a no no, my dog got haemorrhagic gastroenteritis prior to this because of Meloxicam and was pooping only blood and almost died. Horrible drug. Oh I also bought a red light therapy device and used that on the knee 30 mins every night.

  13. Thank you so much for this amazing information, Doctor!

    I will definitely bear this in mind if any of my beloved hounds sustain knee trauma. We are all very grateful for your tireless research and for enlightening so many.

  14. My poor dog had two surgery’s 6 months apart. The last surgery she came home was good for three days and suffered some sort of stroke, the vet gave het some sort of shot, told them she was not right, she died in my car that night screaming in pain, while I tried to find a vet that was open. This should have never have happen. Not one vet took responsibility for what happen.

  15. You must be a mind reader Doc ! My Golden busted his CCL (left) a year and 4 months ago. And he puts total weight on it now. He’s a big Golden , 96 pounds, lean, but he knows he can’t do certain things 👍🏼 And I know my Buddy, stubborn and at times obstinate. So surgery, even if I could afford it, at 10 , I know he wouldn’t be compliant. 😂 CBD I use with the glucosamine after trying Galliprant for a while. I l love that green tea idea 👍🏼 Thanks Doc !!!

  16. Please don't get the surgery they tried to get me to get the surgery for my German Shepherd. Surgery is so drastic , use a brace instead of takes longer but is so much better for your dog than going though surgery

  17. DMSO is wonderful, but you need to be careful using it.
    It is probably the most Transdermal compounds, and because of this, it will act as a Carrier for any contaminants that it comes in contact with and will bring them into both YOUR body and your dogs.
    I would make sure the treated area is cleaned and wear nitrile gloves.

  18. Our 3 year old rescued 200 lb, 40 in Boerboel tore his acl. It was 7 months before he could function decently. We did pretty much everything Doc is talking about. Boerboels diet is high protein anyway but food reduction is imperative. He was immobilzed for quite a while and it was tough on him. He always had a limp after that but it was better than the alternative.

  19. It worked for my 2 year old pup and again when she re-injured it at age 5. She was a small dog at 15lbs. I got a stroller, used supplements and I got her a brace off Amazon even though it was not recommended. I did take it off every day and it was not tight. It helped keep her from trying to jump up on things and slowed her down around the house. I read it would take 3 months and the 2nd time it took the full 3 months and I did not take her to the vet the second time because I knew what to try. I heard if they get surgery they can injure the opposite side. I recommend giving it a try before committing to surgery if your dog is small. My mom's neighbors gave her a hard time when she watched her because I would not take her to the vet but I know I did the right thing.

  20. I wondered if there was therapy for their back leg muscles, isn’t that what really helps the knees in humans? ANY kind of exercise involving exercising the front muscles of my injured knee made it worse!

  21. * I have a great Pyrenees that only eats 3/4 cup of farm fresh raw. She is 4 years old. But.she doesn't drop weight. I've increased walking her. Had her thyroid checked. She has the slowest thyroid ever. Suggestions??

  22. I had 2 labrador retrievers who had acl injuries. Surgery was 4,000 plus,something I couldn't afford. The vet explained the gentle care healing technique. It takes the same amount of time as recovery from surgery. Both of them healed completely with no further problems. It is far superior to surgery.

  23. I wish I’d discovered Orto-Canis before getting our 40kg Dobermann’s left knee operated on. It’s healed well, but the surgery was a nightmare (bone saw broke as they started using it… she was sent home for five days until a replacement blade arrived; and she came home from each of the surgeries with a hole in her back that no-one can/will explain how they got there).

    And as soon as she was eventually healed, her other knee started to go. That’s when did some homework and found the products that we now use.

    The neoprene “sleeve-like’ legging(s) stabilise the knee and provide the support to enable your pooch to enjoy relatively pain-free exercise and fun. It’s held up by a Velcro strap that’s attached to her harness.

    It probably took a little less time for her to heal using the brace, but it still takes time and patience (on everyone’s behalf). However, the leggings are really cheap (compared to surgery), easy to use, washable, non-invasive, not painful for your dog, there’s no need for noxious medications to keep you pup sedated and there is no risk of your fur-baby developing infections or other complications that can accompany going under the knife.

    I hope that this snippet of information will be of help to you folks ❤

  24. Thank you for this video. I’m finding it hard to not get angry with my dog’s experience with torn ACL and the completely useless advice and instruction we got compared to this video, and we paid thousands of dollars for her to end up paralyzed from a vet dropping her on the floor and having to put her to rest bc she couldn’t expel her bladder. Ty for the videos and hopefully helps others not experience the devastation and betrayal we did.

  25. Is there a way to help my precious boy (cat) that tore his ACL and ligaments? Vet said wait 4 months to “see how he manages” and put him on Meloxicam which I stopped after one month due to the side effects it was causing. I now have him on full spectrum CBD oil based off info I got from your channel. I’m just wondering if there’s anything else I can do for him.🙏🤍✨

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