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  1. I think we should all just grow a different strain and sell it as a limited run special. Make a fortune punting it to these youtuber vloggers (tho i dont think an oz was bought in this instance because no one is that daft surly) 😅

  2. Bro weeds legal all over Canada, who is actually paying that much money for weed in the USA. Im seeing comments saying 200-300$ per oz down there, u guys are getting absolutely bent over, just north of you guys here in Toronto it would be absurd to pay more then 150$?????? How are you people paying double to triple what we pay, and yet your weed quality is considerably worse?!?

  3. Everybody in the comments that don't understand the pricing of this weed it's not the weed it's the brand name it's the way they grew it it's how hard it is to get this strain all of that and how good they grew it that's what matters and that's why it goes for $600 an ounce and I'm from California and I know for a fact nobody's getting this for no f**** $60 an ounce I know that for a fact

  4. 600 is totally extortion people who are getting Theres at 60 where they are there getting bumped In my area it's max 45 a zip all-day long trust me do the research 😂

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