#701 | Jamie Lee Curtis Vs. Angela Bassett, Ja Morant Gun Video, +More! – The Dr. Greenthumb Show


00:00 – Lounge 23:17 – Show Start 1:23:37 – Submissions 1:53:10 – Comments & Super Chats (Opening the Doors to the Insane …

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  1. The road to 1000 continues. How the phuk did a specific “song” litigation freeze assets from all their albums? I gotta look into this shit. Fascinating to a paralegal. Actually farmer now but former paralegal.

  2. Great episode. I always love the Dr's positive vibe. He's an inspiration. Everyone else too. Great job all yall. I've tuned in everyday for a couple years. Thanks Dr Greenthumb, you're the ish.

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