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  1. Used to watch you guys in highschool and smoke to your wake and bake wednesdays and now just started watching again, and you guys are the best reviewers I’ve ever watched especially cause all the brands and strains you do I’ve had mad questions about l.

  2. 0:56 Ohh hell to the no. Both of you, especially Danny ripped on me for using "cultivar" a few months back when my question was read. Now Shane is saying it too? Great episode. I haven't been able to get GMO in Illinois, only crosses ("Garlic Juice").

  3. Ive got my hands on some 710 labs gmo rosin out here in PA and I can 100% agree the shit is bomb!! I’d love to see a review of some grape god live rosin. I’ve tried a few times and i think you guys would love it

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