#777 | Britney Spears Assaulted By NBA's Victor Wembanyama Security – The Dr. Greenthumb Show

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  1. And this dude has security but britney freaking spears doesn't….so stupid…maybe this was his first steps in joining that group of special people talked about all the time

  2. this is so stupid… we haven't seen britney spears in public on camera for literally months and years….. then we somehow get this clip…. dude I don't think so…and I mean look what she is wearing, like it's a someone dressed a stereotype of her from the year 2000 and of course the video is all from behind…. and she is 40 years old. I doubt she is following the NBA draft and was really looking forward to meeting him…. i don't buy it….and of course she only responds via typing on a platform…… sketchy… she is probably long gone… I hope she escaped her evils all around her but I doubt it

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