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  1. Please do a comparison on how much more flower rosin you get than bubble hash with the big picture 📸. 7 grams of bubble hash is probably about 66 grams worth of flower 🌼. So technically for 7 grams of bubble should be compared to a flower press of 60 grams of flower!

  2. :

    This comparison is very relative considering that the amount of trichomes in 7g of bubble were probably extracted with 70g of flowers…

    And if I were to use 70g of flowers it would probably yield more… ^^

  3. 7g flower is like 1.5-2g of rosin on avg. and the color is just for bag appeal imo. The high is overall better with the flower rosin being that it's full spectrum. The flavor might be better with the hash rosin tho.

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