#812 | 50 Cent Throws Microphone &Taylor Swift Announces Era's Movie Tour – The Dr. Greenthumb Show

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  1. One of the best episodes ever, seriously squad, Insane how I've watched since the conception of B-RealTV. They're all good episodes appreciate y a'll for the laughs, news, good convo, suggestions, and really great advice too, like on the last show really good looking ya'll.

  2. I can picture B getting ready to throw a first pitch in the same way Hank Hill got ready for that football throw challenge. When Hank built the whole little set up in his backyard and then Don Meredith lost it for Hank. 😆

  3. Incompetent people will make you snap sometimes 😂 i deal with the general public and masters degree or not people aren't using their critical thinking skills. I think convenience has made it so that people dont have to think too often. Everything is a button or google question away from a solution so critical thinking dissipates.

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