#896 | Strong Friday! George Clinton Walk of Fame & The Godfathers of Funk – The Dr. Greenthumb Show

How To Grow Weed 420

00:00 – Lounge 32:33 – Show 1:28:44 – Submissions 1:55:12 – Opening the Doors to the Insane Asylum (Comments & Super …

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  1. Yo! I fuckin love that y'all are crushing the podcast game. BIGGEST OF UPS^^^^. Cypress Hill has been on my all day plays since Black Sunday dropped, my 6th grade yr! Even took my son to Irvine Meadows back in the day to see you all with the guys from Pepper and Sublime w/ rome, for his first big league concert! If possible lemme get a shout out to my boi DOGEG outta Ventura Ca. out there jamming all night with his husky Vela @doglegsupreme Coming up on that grassroots indie tip!!! P.s. much love to the Krooked Treez posse too. Cheers!!!

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