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  1. Are the monks you guys thinking of from back in the day Hare Krishnas? I got a free copy of their Journey to Self Discovery book after chatting with one of them about Communism/Socialism. There’s a whole chapter in there about how it’s a horrible system for humanity…

  2. Sorry have been a couple hours late, still I watch for sure. Best show ever. Big up to THC , Bolton, Ray Ray and the Dominator. Thx for bringing it to us. TOP LEFT ❤ FROM 🇨🇦

  3. there has been proof of 100 mile high tsunamis. There is a doc on youtube that shows the patterns in the sand and the scientist said the only way that could have been made was if the tsunami was 100+ miles high..so it CAN happen!

  4. Are ancestors were able to unlock diffrent realms and dimension the Lilkley they we will ever be able too is slim with everything having gmo and preservatives…u have to reach a high as frequency and with your Pinal gland u can pretty much do wat you want…..that shit ezone talking about probably fr but if he seen it on TV or on any kind of screen/ or monitor it could easily be C.G.I

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