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  1. Y'all got this drunk azs dude on here can't nobody understand anything he's saying but you guys are giggling and laughing like you're his buddy😂😂 and on top of that what's up with you guys saying you're friends with Rick Ross the real Rick Ross and then you bring these actors on here from the TV show that ripped off his life story 🤔🤷🤷

  2. I was bumping that Dee 1 today. His music 🔥 and inspiring at the same time. You getting a message and fuel and it doesn't feel like you being preached to, you just listening to fire music

  3. Yea,some people get locked up,get out ,go back,get out,go back and stay there for some years. Money and all aint that serious. That's what I never understood, especially if they got kids. Not judging, people do what they feel they need or want to do. A weekend in juvenile kept me from getting in any trouble to go to jail lol.

  4. Hey hey hey hello my name is Janae!!😂😂 Like "Dr greenthumb intro " And I'm finally getting my head back in then game . Depression Is a mf. But do it with passion or don't do it at all right. So keep ✓Passing it to 🌺the 💪LeFt cus the right way is wrong ..much love N from janae in nipomo CA

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