#928 | Jam Master Jay Murder Trial, Hollywood's OG Cannabis Cafe, +More – The Dr. Greenthumb Show

00:00 – Lounge 20:37 – The Dr. Greenthumb Show 1:14:30 – Submissions 1:41:09 – Opening the Doors to the Insane Asylum …

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  1. Chocolate soufflés 🔥🔥🔥 add the crème de tartar, fold in those egg whites into your chocolate base, bake em with a piece of real chocolate in the center. It’s like a lava effect in the souffle

  2. Cali bblaze is right . And many theorists like Maria Montessori for example believe that praising a child without merit does more harm than good in childhood development. It’s confusing and misleading to them.

  3. What would have made change the game DJ Clue remix with kurupt and everyone even more 🔥 than it already is 🤔B-Real spitn a verse. The beat is sick as F and he would have ate it up like the rest of them🔥Oh my goodness. That would be set the roof on 🔥😆 just saying. That's one of my favorites,where is DJ Clue these days?

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