A Russian Scientist’s Plan to Save the Planet | Pleistocene Park (Full Film) | The Short List

A Russian scientist – part genius, part madman, a vanished ice age ecosystem, a climatic time bomb, and a crazy plan to save the …

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  1. this was an amazing 2.5 hour experience, as an anthropologist in the formation stages i appreciate and applaud the time, energy, and dedication to raising awareness about global sustainability!

  2. This man is not mad – the rest of the world is mad. I agree the wild grazing animals would contribute enormous labour to cool the permafrost during the winter, but at the same time they keep grasslands sustainable, which is also very important. Forests are vastly recognized carbon pools, but in fact they're pretty bad at holding carbon within soil. Many native grasses, especially wetlands can hold much more carbon, which is mostly because of their very long roots and ability to prevent erosion and provide habitat for microorganisms. I believe there are many more reasons to reintroduce the animals, including contribution to the local economy, which could industrialize instead.
    I've been amazed by many reforestation and restoration projects throughout the world, but this project is even more powerful. I hope they will succeed and reintroduce grazing animals not only in their park, but also throughout all tundra in the world.
    To do this they would need not only more funds, but more research, support from scientists trained in breeding animals or even actual animal breeding farms operating solely for this purpose.

    Idk many resources about soil carbon sequestration, but I know there were attempts to use it in agriculture and it was estimated that increasing carbon in the soil from this source alone could stop climate change. Check the 4 per 1000 initiative and then put this in the perspective of the idea of grazing animals doing all the work for free. If it worked, this could make a massive impact.

    Imo they could also consider using biological control of mosquitoes (they would need to figure out if it's a good idea themselves). I know it's commercially available in the US, but not in the EU. It's a sort of larvae, but I don't remember its name.
    Also it came to my mind that in Poland we use sheeps for conservation of wild meadows. I'm not sure if the animals could survive Russian winters, but if they tried to breed sheeps, goats, alpacas or other animals that provide actual income, then the idea would have economic motivation on top of environment protection.

  3. Huge appreciation to this man for his genius efforts. Sadly none of the billion rich politicians or capitalists will spend even a dime on such projects that might hinder their mad hunger for money. We, as citizens should be aware whom we are electing and especially it is on us to think about our future and the coming ones.

  4. This a great movie and a great adventure. It's important letting people know that things like those exist. At least it gives me some hope. I've never heard about this guys even living here in Russia. Thanks a lot!🥶🥶🥶

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