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  2. I've decided to go for two 200w led lights to replace my 600w hps, I've bought one light by grow light science the grow 200 .. but being a tech geek I really want to buy a light from another company, I get that par will be different and light spread. But I just wanna geek over a different light lol. Anyway this one interests me just unsure..

  3. Would the lighting on these controllers disturb the sleep cycle? I’ve wanted to get a cloudline fan but always wondered if the controller inside the room would disrupt things during blackout sleep cycle. I don’t have the luxury of placing a controller outside the room.

  4. I can't wait till the 4×4 version is released.

    Or even the 2×4 ill prolly get 3 of the 2×4 lights and 1 of the 4×4.

    At the prices they're asking they are gonna be the ones to beat.

    Personally I think the XS4000 is the best light as far as build components performance and cost for a 2×4 up to a 3×5.

    AC infinity gonna be nippin at thier heels.

    AC infinity don't need a timer either. Built-in.

  5. I don't have a very big budget so I have to buy the cheapest I can get I found one that had the same specs as expensive one and it was less than half price. Just doesn't have a big heatsink

  6. Hey I love your videos keep it up guys!! I was wondering and hoping you could get your hands on and do a par test for the Maxsisun's led lights, specifically the new MG3000 and the MF2000 and MF1000. these are great lights and are extremely affordable. If you could check out these lights and make a video it would be a HUGE benefit towards the community. the more people we can to get started growing the better world this will be!!

  7. I’ve been eyeballing these lights for a bit now. Looking forward to seeing your par measurements and would like to see how they stack up to the viparspectras too! Currently running p4000 and 3 p1000s but need a few more of course!

  8. Oh s**t these bad boys look ausom, but as I'll be upgrading some point for my bean (first ever grow) to be the best it can I'm still trying to figure out my heat problem, iv got no heat in my tent at all and it keeps dropping at night, should I just wait for good weather to prevent excessive power usage

  9. Good stuff! I can't wait for the par video for XS4000 and the 5×5 living soil update video! I will be ready next weekend to start the living soil and green dots grow. So that par info will be 🔥! And hey HIGHIGAN ✌🏼♥️🪴🔥🤟🏼

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