Alchemist & Oh No | Being Independent, Inspirations, AI Music, +More – The Dr. Greenthumb Show #952

00:00 – Lounge 13:47 – The Dr. Greenthumb Show (Alchemist & Oh No) 1:03:21 – Cypress Hill in Glasgow, Scotland 1:06:49 — The …

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  1. Al dope fr, always a vibe. 🫡 salute all three guests today to tho🫡
    Get swavy like a “cigarette with a beat machine” and a Serial Killer💪😝
    Dem fckin KILLED that freestyle mayne need that thrown in a mix🔥

  2. The 1st 2 beats remind me of some of Emapea's sound. Good stuff. The last beat reminded me of Beastie Boys too. That mix up or whatever it's called album they sounded like that. No signing or rapping. I don't hear the voices.
    Thank you & good night.✌ ✨🌜💨

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