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  1. Strangely enough, my first sponsored snowskate was a John cardiel pro model wood snowskate from Premier. I used that piece of wood to propel me to a professional snowskate career (yeah it was actually a thing at one time haha) which took me around the world.

    Fast forward to 5 years ago and I shattered my spine and became paralyzed from the neck down.

    With a miraculous recovery very similar to John’s, I am back to walking and skating again. While I no longer hit 20 stair handrails I am very fortunate enough to be kickflipping again.

    The universe is extra strange sometimes.

    All hail Cardiel.

  2. Ya better believe all who live in Christ will keep the things they loved to do in the flesh in the world to come. We'll be on a new, better earth and all sadness, pain, death and injury will be no more. If u wanna shred decks, you'll be able to in the kingdom of God as well

  3. Best documentary ever. After watching this several times I can say John is a true life hero to me. After getting shot in Afghanistan and no longer able to skate as good as I used to I can relate at some tiny level. I wish to meet him someday and maybe his vibes can help me land a kick flip. Haven't been able to figure it back out since being shot in 2009. Semper Fi John and thank you so so much for always pushing.

  4. I started skating 2010, I dont't know why but I always knew of him, I think it was some King of the Road thing where they went to the park that he did the 360 over like the middle of it, and you could see how fuckin gnarly it was.

    Seeing this made me really thankful that I can ride my board and dudes like this paved the way for us who came later.
    Tony Trujillo, Ed Templeton and so many more, once you find out about them it pushes you to get back up and fuckin go for it.

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