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  1. To clarify, when I say they celebrate on the 5th with their Christmas for Saint Nicholas day… I don’t literally mean that Saint Nicholas day is Christmas 💀 it’s just what most Dutch celebrate, so on the 25th everything is open as Christmas is not an actual national holiday here… it’s a 25 second short I’m not gonna explain wtf Saint Nicholas day is 😂😂

  2. Living in America most of my life
    Now living in Canterbury uk
    Christmas here everything is closed
    Till the 27 December so quiet an peaceful
    I like that Great for workers Time out
    So quiet here everyone in my house went away
    The weed in Canterbury is garbage worst place ive been
    Would love to get to Amsterdam in near future I had to Quit
    Smoking weed since ive lived in England . UK should legalise
    Weed keep your family associating with Criminals and government
    Can make money on it and Quality will go up and the price Will go down
    £ 3 £ 4 £ 5 a gram. Canterbury area £ 20 a gram for garden weed low grade bud
    Its hard to find aswell . Thanks for your video Merry Christmas

  3. Completely wrong. And please stop comparing Amsterdam to the rest of the country. In Amersfoort, Ede, Breda, Leeuwarden and other cities, everything is closed. Have you been to other dutch cities? I don't think so. And everybody who pays 30 € per gram, should stop smoking. Oh yeah, you didn't pay for that, the viewers do it.

  4. Hey its not true what ur saying, we definitely celebrate christmas, some stores are open but they close earlier. And also saint nicholas day isnt as popular to celebrate as in the past cause of the racisme with black face in the past. So its not true what ur saying lol

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