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  1. Ain’t necessarily that we miss out on the streams. That’s why we would go down to YouTube. A lot of us are 9-5. Don’t reallyyy have tiem to check out the stream during the day 🤷🏼‍♂️

  2. The good pre rolls are rolled by hand smoke slow and get you faded not this bullshit where they usually hand pack the shit weed in pre rolls and they burn all fast and shit

  3. Pre rolls are shit only because they usually pack them they don’t even roll them mr thc you must not be smoking a lot because it’s obvious they don’t rolls the pre rolls

  4. I can def rolling up. I love rolling up. Here in PA they don't sell prerolls or any edibles. Also we must legally vape the flower. Lol ya vape, it's legally not allowed to light the flower with any 🔥. So ya lol

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