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  1. Then technically it's not being sold. So it can't be acted upon. No smoking on premises go home and toke. Gee that's like the state's except the "donation". They won't close dude. If the city and police are on side. Also the wording of law is vital,in this case it's a smoke screen. It's making a noise that doesn't counteract the current business model.

  2. These latest court rulings only concern Barcelona / Catalonia region, and come as an apparent response to the fact that European organised crime groups control the majority of these clubs rather than local cannabis enthusiasts

  3. i’m currently out in ibiza and they have clubs and i have no idea how they work or how to get in or anything, anyone know? i can’t find anything and if i do it’s in spanish

  4. Seeing as you're under bridge/overpass, I'll tell you some of the best smoke spots in London are on the banks of the Thames. There are maps online you can fined that show yo where there's unlocked gates, stairs etc to get down to the foreshore and some parts of it are really nice(clean, sand instead of stones) like near Greenwich. I go down there to do mudlarking which is basically like treasure hunting and bring a picnic. The last time I went I found a full clay pipe form the 1700s and gave it to my bro to smoke out of. If you are lucky you will find garnets (yeah like the gemstone) megaladon teeth (yeah like the shark) or bits of WW1/2 memorabilia

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