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  1. Cookies and lemonade are the same thing except lemonade sells sativa or sativa dom hybrids and cookies is indica or indica Dom hybrids fun fact from my Cali trip they got lemonade store and cookies store and they hook it up with the 411

  2. Does anyone know any dispensaries that have quality flower going for like $50 or less an 8th after tax? I'm not looking for the dankest but just something that'll get me a good high. I'm from AZ but been in TX last 11 years so I just dont wanna end up at a dispo wasting money on trash weed when I couldve gone somewhere and paid cheaper for better.

  3. Waited 3 hrs at mint dispensary got orange cali and mumbles both sativa like the energy!!

    Gonna take a break li et lines die down than ill be there a lot waiting 4 hrs sucked ass man

    But im blazed watching YouTube on legal weed amazing

    Grats to az!!

    How u like gushers

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