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  1. Automated, Recirculating watering setup for growing indoors! This is a pretty easy setup to automatically water your plants and reuse or discard the runoff automatically! We are also using the @pulsegrow new Pulse Hub to monitor our pH and EC in our water and moisture content and EC in the medium! This is a game changer for how we grow with mineral based nutrients!

    Watering Setup Components:

    EZ-PZ 9" Drip Rings @TheBucketCompany : https://amzn.to/44EH9Q9

    1/2 Irrigation Fittings: https://amzn.to/3OsyXNd

    1/2 Irrigation Tubing: https://amzn.to/43IYOVw

    1/2 Valves: https://amzn.to/452mxkR

    Water Pump (Code "Highigan" save 10% Amazon or ACINFINITY.COM) https://amzn.to/44BxidZ

    Controller 79 (Code "Highigan" save 10% Amazon or ACINFINITY.COM) https://amzn.to/473pS4F

    Ez-Pz Runoff Pump Kit: https://amzn.to/46ZD2jh

    Floraflex Pots, Matrix Lids & Nutes (Use Code "Highigan" and save 10% on everything from floraflex.com)

    3gal Pro Pots :https://floraflex.com/default/shop/growing-media-containers/potpro-system/floraflex-potpro-3-gallon-premium-nursery-pot

    Matrix Trays: https://floraflex.com/default/irrigation/floraflex-matrix-system/round-matrix-12-pack-9-10-5

    Pulse Hub Use Code "Highigan" SAVE! https://pulsegrow.com/collections/hub-kits

    Check Out Some VWC Data! https://app.pulsegrow.com/sensor-chart-sharing/HafiO3

    Join the Highigan FAM for Exclusive Content, Photos, Discord Access, Early Access To New Videos And So Much More! This helps support our channel and helps us bring more content since YouTube restricts our videos and blocks us from supporting this channel🙏💚🌱: https://www.patreon.com/highigan

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  2. This video came at a perfect time. I was trying to piece together equipment for old video but wasn’t having any good luck. Huge thank you, it’s difficult trying to grow with chronic pain, this will definitely help a lot.

  3. This is just what i was looking to build!!! I lost my last grow because of my watering/nutrient schedule got lost in the influx of life events. Lost a bunch of plants this summer but you live and learn

  4. I love the idea of automated watering…
    But I gotta be honest.
    I think my favorite thing is sitting down with my plants and slowly watering them.
    It would be cool if this system allowed you to easily alternate between hand watering and auto.

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