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  1. What are your thoughts on spaying a female mini poodle. She just turned 1 and hasn’t gone through her first heat yet. I’ve read to either fix before to avoid cancer or fix after a heat cycle or two for joint/bone health. Could you please weigh in on this? Thanks in advance!!

  2. Kia ora I've been into natural stuff all my years and for my dogs I've used things that work, but you are a great man letting us know other r natural products to make we may not know along with renedies that are not natural we can get for our dogs over the counter at our local chemist for certain problems that saves alot money and unnecessary stress rhrogh vet bills etc and often ive found they dont get the diagnosis right when us as the owners are trrying to tell our vet more about our dog more so if we've had and have maby years of exsperance with dogs as I have but you are absolutely fantastic sharing all your knowledge through your qualifications throgh your years as a vet you are a true real animal lover and selfless as ypu share all you know with your subscribers and viewers, and I know alot of vets in practice would hate that because they lose out if ex practicing vets like yourself share all.with us but im greatful you do what you do for us all with your remedies very apreshated, 🙏yours in the dogs & cats ✌️❤️😊

  3. Per x-ray being done, it's found that my small Yorkie poo has a small enlarged heart. They have put her on a medication for this called vetmedin. Is this a safe medication. She now has a cough.

  4. I asked my veterinarian about holistic care he said he wasn't taught that in school. But he works with me the best he can. I don't think we have any holistic veterinarians close to us

  5. My sweet girl, Hailey, was diagnosed with Lymphoma today😢. I’m in disbelief, she is only 5 years old. She was prescribed steroids to keep her comfortable before saying goodbye.😢

  6. If you could please answer me why you said Claudio silver will turn my pet blue then it was good for infection. I'm using it in a spray undiluted for moister Matt Titus hotspots that is totally spread! Help help

  7. You mentioned licorice root for itching. My 10 lb. Chihuahua is scratching a lot and she won’t eat the allergy chews that I’ve tried to give her. Are you referring to licorice root extract and if so, how much can I give her? BTW, the flea and tick spray made with witch hazel, aloe vera juice, and essentials oils works!! And she didn’t fight me when I was spraying it on her, which is a big plus. Thank you, Irene

  8. I like this guy for saying what needs said! We as a society are so brainwashed into putting all our faith and trust into doctors and veterinarians just because they are doctors; but, remember, a certain percentage of every branch of medicine is filled with doctors who just barely passed their licensing!

    Your God-given gut instincts should always prevail because He uses them to help us and warn us. You don't have to be a vet or MD to know what to do, just ask what are ALL the available options? And ask questions until you truly understand them because you can't make wise choice if you don't. And, learn to ask "Is this required or just recommended?" I learned that lesson the expensive way…

    My vet is excellent, communicative and caring; but despite trusting her implicitly, there were times when I just said no because my gut instincts told me to, and I never regretted it. I've lived in 3 states and have only ever had 2 vets so awful a first visit was the last visit. This vet's best statement was you have to advocate for your pet. They can't speak up so we must!

  9. The cost of a vet visit today is pure insanity. I took my dog in for an assessment for soft loose stools. I make his food based on Dr. Andrew's formula. After adjusting things to try more fibre and less carbs, adding more probiotics, then eliminating some things there was little improvement. I walked out of the vets office with a bill of $500 including a stool specimen billed at $250. Results show he has clostridium perfringens which is a bacteria with spores that cause toxins in bowel. Treatment with antibiotics for 10 days. Cost an additional $140. This is in Canada. I have put out $640 this week. That is a lot for a senior on a tight budget. Will take me awhile to pay off the credit card I had to use.

  10. The vet sez she needs X-rays take her in the back room …..then tells me she needs surgery $1000+ …..the cat need to be fixed………the vet tells me $475……..another vet palpates her bottom…..no need for xrays and surgery……another vet fixes the cat ….$75-…..they play on your emotions…….my sisters cat was at end of life difficult breathing …was old and suffered previous serious injuries….the vet should have said take her home she will die peacefully or we can execute her if you wish…..but they talked her into intensive care for a week …then said she Will not improve….so my sister tearfully let the vet execute the cat ….$2000 for the intensive care and $200 for the execution….they wanted more to “bury l the cat ….be thankfully they took her home for burial to the chagrin of the vet…..

  11. It really is a nightmare trying to find a vet that aligns with your values. My vet does not communicate well. She just hints and does allow me a word edgewise. I can tell she’s a compassionate, caring individual, but I don’t like people making decisions for me. I want to think that I am fair and have critical thinking skills. Due to the strained relationship, I’ve decided to let her go.

  12. My pup is 11 months old but has a heart problem which 2:13 causes come breathing issues he foesnt run or jump but he is happy the vet told me to put him down, can't do that . Am I wrong???

  13. My one concern with not using flea and tick meds is that they are incredibly prevalent in our area and I do take one of our cats out for outside time. The other cat has FIV (and will get outside when I'm able to set up a cattio for them).

    Isn't it also illegal in most area not to have an up to date rabies shot? That sort of thing could end with a dog dead immediately if a bite happens because they were provoked.

  14. I just adopted an 8 year old schnauzer in May and took her to the vet yesterday. I told him I wanted to get her rabies and he insisted on giving her the shot for parvo and distemper. I have been told that older dogs usually do not need the parvo distemper combo shot. He also refused to do a titer blood test claiming it costs over $150 when I have seen them possibly available for less than $50. He was supposed to do a physical on her and really didn't do anything except listen to her lungs and heart and even though she is only 3 weeks into a heat cycle he insisted she could be spayed anytime. Which I guess is technically true but it will cost more than I can afford to pay. He did blood work, said it would be cheaper than doing it the day of surgery but it cost me about $100 when I was told it would be only about $70. It's just very frustrating!

  15. My 3 year old pit tore his ACL 2 years ago. He couldn't jump or run and hopped on 3 legs until it healed. But he has arthritis in his knee. My vet said to give him glucosamine, a good one. So I found a good one and it has helped. But then I watched your video a few weeks ago on massage for torn ACL. I've been massaging both sides several times a day since. The first time I did it. He looked at me and smiled. I felt he was saying, thank you Mommy. He started running 3 days ago. His legs are getting stronger. I feel that soon he will be jumping again. Thank you for making that video! ❤❤❤

  16. the vet put my little furbaby on carprovet for pain and I looked it up and it remadryl(not sure I spelled it right )and I read that it has killed 3,000 dogs or more, he was supposed to tell me info on it but didn't ,I took her off it and she is differant, some vet's should be held accountable for getting rich off killing pets,place in hell for them

  17. I wonder if you could do a segment on raw dog food? I have my dog now on raw food and lucky for me the lady that delivers is certified dog nutritionist. She says my dog should be fed only once a day. My vet went ballistic saying that is completely wrong. Whom do I believe? It is so confusing.

  18. One vet (in a group of vets) said " oh you're one of those" when I was being proactive in asking questions on things being pushed on to me without explaining. None of it worked so it was a waste of money. Never saw that POS again. I'm so grateful for your channel ❤

  19. I have a great vet…and he listens. However, I am so happy with Dr. Jones and his natural remedies. Natural heals… chemicals don't. Blessings over all our pets in the name of Jesus.♥️🇺🇸

  20. When I first got my dog as a puppy she was constantly scratching. I took her in and the vet gave her a Cytopoint injection and called it a day. After a week of online research I found that she may be allergic to her food. I did an at home allergy test and adjusted her food according to the results. She hasn’t needed a Cytopoint injection since and her allergy has subsided. I have no idea why the vet didn’t ask me about her diet prior to just giving her an injection. He didn’t seem to care about the underlying cause.

  21. I have a shih tzu who licks his front leg and turns the fur orangish brown. I asked the vet and he said it was a reaction to something we're feeding him (i.e. chicken) so we've switched to beef. Not sure if that's a lick granuloma or if it is indeed w hat the vet said.

  22. My Dobermann had TPLO surgery almost 2 years ago; the bone saw broke as it was starting to be used. They stitched her up and sent her home for 5 days while they waited for a replacement part (they couldn’t borrow one from a nearby vet?). So it was a 2-part surgery; my dog had a weird lesion on her back (up near her shoulder-blades) after each of the two surgeries. I asked what caused it but have still gotten no answer other than they’re ‘hot spots’. But they never bothered her, didn’t spread and have appeared nowhere else on her before or since. The hair still hasn’t grown back in those patches, although the conical-shaped pieces of flesh that seemed to have been cauterised have grown back. Would go to the governing body but will be fobbed off yet again. Seems to be no vet willing to look at the photos I’ve taken during her main recovery and I’m severely pissed-off about it, but nothing I can do, it seems. Anyone willing to view the short video I put together to give me a clue, just let me know. I’ve done as much homework as I can and the only surgical instrument that makes wounds like that is a LEEP tool used for conical cervix biopsies in human women!

  23. Our dog had problems swallowing so we brought her to our new vet she took an X-ray of the dogs chest then comes in to talk to us and ask if we would like one more X-ray of the head and neck area for and extra charge! A month later it happened again and we couldn’t get in right away so I researched it on YouTube and it turned out to be acid reflux! The vet should have known it! We showed her a video of her gulping!

  24. I took my dog in to see the vet for a “wellness” exam. The vet wouldn’t go near my dog, not even to check his heart or check his ears. Didn’t want to clip his nails. Said I needed to sedate him first. Charged me almost $100. Took my dog to a walk-in groomer and they trimmed his nails. (best they could). He is skittish. He is a rescue and was neglected, probably abused, outdoor dog who didn’t understand English and hadn’t been trained when I rescued him within an hour of being euthanized. But, he’s never bitten anyone in the 7 yrs I have had him. I won’t take this dog (I have 4), to this vet again. Time to find a vet whose not afraid of dogs.

  25. I took my cat to the Vet in February this year. He had gone downhill over a weekend period and could not get to see the vet until Monday due to the vet being closed. He was clearly in renal failure by the Monday and had the additional issue with gum inflammation. Once seen by the vet, the vet confirmed what I already knew and said it would be best if I put the cat down that day. He had lost a mass of weight and was not having 'a good hair day' that day (the cat that is lol). However, I asked the vet if a member of his family had been diagnosed with a terminal illness, would he expect to be told to put his family member down? I then turned to the gum inflammation and asked "Do you think the inflammation of his gums could be playing a part in all of this?". I then said, how about you take care of his gum inflammation and then if he is still the same, I'll reassess his predicament in a week or so. Those magic words led to me being taught sub-Q at home (which I absolutely hated out of fear of needles myself, but did it anyhow out of love for my fur baby lol) and here we are today where he is not the fattest cat in the world (due to the CKD), but he is the most energetic, loving, smoochy cat and far more happier than he was 6 months ago. Just imagine if I followed the advice to put him down? When I didn't actually have to? And the evidence is right before me now! I have incorporated a regime of dandelion leaf tea, Omega 3 supplement, coconut oil, Cobalazorb (Vit B supplement) and Slippery Elm and VOILA … my baby lives on …. We must remember that they are in business and the intention behind any business is to make profit. Definitely look into a holistic approach and you will not be taken for a ride. Best wishes to all of the pet parents out there and many many thanks to Dr Jones for his chosen path xx … P.S For those who are also fearful of needles, please know that I only had to do the sub-Q fluids for approx. one week just to get my cat out of the renal failure stage (especially the dehydration aspect of it). And of course the dandelion leaf tea daily helps him by replacing the potassium he loses through urination.

  26. Thank God for this video! I’ve recently changed vets practice as I no longer trusted them, they were a family run practice that sold out a few years ago. I have already had one dog put down due to their recommendations last year and I’ve regretted it ever since. I always ask for their blood tests but I’m made to feel like I’m having to advocate too hard and I feel like I’m a nuisance when I ask questions. With this new practice it is small run friendly practice with high awards but I’m not getting the answers I need despite calling everyday this week to ask about my dogs haematology. She had bloods taken last Friday and an ultrasound, she has gallbladder issues, prior to this two years ago she had gallbladder sludge, a year ago gallbladder mucocele which her ALP was 1500, ALT 500 last year, after two months of milk thistle and switching from raw to low fat home cooked predominantly white fish and Turkey diet these came to 1000 ALP and 300 ALT. The results from last Fridays bloods and ultrasound are that the vet says she needs a Fine Needle Aspiration as the gallbladder looks different to her ultrasound scans last year and he has mentioned something about a lesion! The clinical symptoms she had prior to that tests last week were loose stools for the past few months which have cleared up once she has probiotics as well as intolerance to Turkey and some of the vegetables like carrots that’s she has eaten no problem her whole life.
    I’m frustrated that I can’t get through and speak to him, as I have questions and I don’t want to blindly go down this path. I understand why he is wanting to do the FNA but I’m just unsure and need to know the risks. Part of me thinks just go ahead, but her teeth need cleaning too and I’m wondering whether it’s worth them doing this at the same time as he said they have to put her under to do the FNA.
    I have just moved to this vets less than a month ago and I’m not happy. I’m thinking of voicing my concerns higher up or to the practice manager about the lack of communication and answering my questions. My other concern is this vet is more interested in livestock I think than small animals!
    I want to feel reassured and I’m not.
    So thank you for this video because it’s given me validation for how I’ve been feeling around lack of communication and him not seemingly understanding my desire to understand what is going on – for example I’m guessing my dog Rosie has been struggling with constant infection due to issues with the gallbladder hence why her poos are firming up with probiotics, but I’ve spent over £120 on probiotics since 26 June!
    I don’t know what else to say! I’m guessing I’m going to have to speak to the practice!

    Update: I called the practice and spoke to the vet my Rosie originally saw and she was brilliant at explaining everything. We were on the phone for 20 minutes, but it was really worth it. I know they are a good practice with recommendations from others I know hence why we went there. I’m glad I followed my intuition to sort this out and feel better now.

  27. Just took my dog for teeth clean and blood tests..700 ..vet ri gs to tell me he came out of anarsthetic ok..when i pik him up the vet nurse says oh by the way his llver enzymes are elevated,no suggestion why..i feel the vet should have discussed that with me and ordered sn ultrasound..since he came back hes having trouble fully defacaeting.mopping around..checked for ticks..off his food which is bad coz i got some milkthistle powder and put it in his mince..i cant put meds in his mouth as he tries to bite me
    ..has ptsd after vet took big three root tooth out and he was yelping in pain all night and hasnt forgotten

  28. My dog is 17 years old and he has a growth in his mouth next or his right tooth how can I help him I thought of toeing a string around it and let it die off I really need input

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