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  1. Just what I needed, a squirrel snook into our house yesterday and after inspecting it it was actually carrying fleas! My two cats and a doggo will be getting preventative spray mix and be under a watch 🥺

  2. What kind of ingredient should i be looking for when i buy these oils?
    Dr Jones could you please provide brand name which you think are best to buy these oils to make anti flea?

  3. You said at the end that's it's safe to use 3x/wk for dogs and only 1x/wk for cats… I'm curious, why is that? We live in the woods, and if we were to use any sprays, we'd be using them daily. I know one of the other dogs (we live with a few other families, so there's 9 dogs total and an unknown amount of cats) would benefit from some of the ingredients in this recipe if it could be used daily/twice daily, as he's been having skin issues (allergies/constantly itching).

  4. What would you recommend as a substitute for the coconut oil? My dog has seborrhea, primary, and I have to be careful about what I put on his skin because of how oily he can get. So I don't like to use and sort of oil on him, unless it's for something like roughed up paw pads and then it's only in a very minimal amount, because I don't want to trigger any sort of reaction as he will dig himself bloody if he starts to get itchy.

    He is on medication for it and gets bathed twice a week with a coal tar/chlorhexidine solution shampoo that has helped immensely.

  5. Thank you thank you
    I was really worried about how to give them anti flea again because every time i give them anti flea they all get very ill, fever and not so much energy

  6. Thank you for this recipe. I hate that we use poison on our dogs to repel flea and ticks. We could do the same for ourselves and stop putting so much poison on and in our bodies! You rock!!

  7. Dr Jones has used the Thayers original in many videos so that’s what I used and the aloe in it is also good. They even have a lavender option. Use your best judgement people. If spray bottle scares your animal, soak a paper towel and wipe them with it. If you’re worried about the cat licking, put it on places they can’t reach.

  8. Hello dr. I am from India regularly watching your videos it is very educational.
    Dr. I don't suddenly this morning I am seeing my dogs both ears are swollen only his tips what should I do

  9. Thank you. I will have to try this. My baby girl has been with me for almost 14 years and, now I cannot afford a vet visit. Doing the best I can. I never of the dog growing up and I've never had to do with late-stage life care.

  10. Thank you so much for all you do Dr. Jones, you have helped us so much with our little sausage dog who has been suffering with allergies. Thanks to home cooking, we have nearly got his skin back to its previous healthy condition. Unfortunately though, we are still struggling with his little saddlebags under his arms which he finds intensely itchy, we are having a hard time trying to figure out whether they are a sign of a food related sensitivity/intolerance or an environmental factor. Every time they get better and we treat with creams, they seem to come back straight away and the poor little guy itches them so much he has a large excess of swollen bald skin on his leg. In your experience are underarm sores food or environmental allergies? We wonder whether to start him on raw food and would like to do it ourselves, but we are unsure how long you have to freeze different meats for dependent on what protein source it is, any future videos on DIY raw feeding would be great. Thanks once again Dr. Jones.

  11. This is awesome!!! I am doing a live online workshop today (and yesterday) on essential oils for dogs and cats (Dr Roark), so the timing is perfect.
    I have that exact comb…in Bermuda, it sells for 99 cents double what you would have paid for it.

  12. I’m surprised there isn’t citronella oil in it as well. But I’m happy to try this because mosquito bites, I believe, can spread heart worm. Thanks so much! ❤

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