"Be A Man”: Modernists and Traditionalists Debate Masculinity | VICE Debates

THC University

There are many faces of masculinity. It means a lot of things to a lot of different people. What do modernists and traditionalists …

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  1. With what Christian said on alpha males banging 20 women… I agree with his overall message but think a true alpha male does have a quiet confidence. A true alpha treats others with kindness while not letting people walk all over them. They don’t have to be cocky or put others down to compensate. They know who they are and their worth and treat others with the same respect. A man who acts impulsively and needs to get his worth from others is real beta energy in my opinion.

  2. One thing that rarely gets mentioned is men who are completely alone. When you’re completely alone and need to provide for yourself and struggling with mental health you cannot afford the luxury of breaking down or letting life get the better of you because there is no one around to pick up the pieces and it is a very slippery slope. I’m not saying women don’t go through the same thing but I think at least on an emotional level an emotional support network is easier to access as a woman. So I think definitions of what it means to be a man and be strong vary upon the situation and can change.

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