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  1. Ever took a ten pack outta state and enuf concentrates ro get 10 – 20 and i aint talkin bout the bread im talkn about 10-20 in the feds, listen to what i said and miss me with the glory storys the shit was never fun to me even though it was funny how much we risk for a little bit of funny money

  2. Thanks bern for bringing jacka back.. been slapping the jacka since middle school and Big Berner since high school. Y’all forever got me through the struggle and hustling. 🫡🫡🔥🔥

  3. Energy frequencies and vibrations fuel the universe and is light. Light is the gas that fuels the time in our universe's space.

    All of humanity's ideas and thoughts are
    information that dissipate out of there
    neural network in the form of
    electromagnetic radiation to this one
    central location spoken about by every
    civilization and religious organization.

  4. this one right here is a gift to us. I love the orignal i havent listend to this one yet but godam i know its going to be good. i remeber being homeless bumping gone full blast in my college park. godam i so excited to listen to this

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