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  1. Berner if anyone else has a voice too really stop the sprayers it's you please either pull some strings in the background or make a video denouncing that sprayed shit because the crew that responsible for sprinkles gumdrops all that bullshits it's really making people believe that weed tast just like a banana or marshmallows

  2. Man these new age consumers out here need to step their game up for real bro! What’s the deal with this I only buy or smoke candy or shit that’s purple, like whatever the strain is they just want the candy and nothing else really sells. Like come on my gs step it up to this real connoisseur type shit where you can look at and smell any herb and tell if it’s what you’ll like. A real good quality grown flower will speak to your heart bro once you look at it you will know if it’s what your mind thinks is the best looking weed, then you pinch that thang and give it a good smell and your brain will let you know it’s for you by being what you personally feel smells the best. Everyone is different and every herb is different. We are blessed for having such a abundant selection now days to where you can find what you think is best not just looking to smoke name brand shit or what’s popular like don’t get me wrong try em all out and see if the hype is real but buy what you like best and what speaks to you most. For example, I’ve grown and smoked so many different cultivars over the years that have been hype strains and some stuff no one knew about but I always have the select few that are my go to smokes that I think look, smell and smoke the best for my self and what treats me right and is the best high for me personally and those are and will always be some real og and real funky ass sour, some real pine sol gasy ass derban poison, some real pungent legit blue cheese and some strawberry cough cuts, a true grand daddy batch that’s old school style like the old packs we got up north back in 04 05 that we called “ the Darks” or that Yoda cut or the urks, the real thin mints that came up north from frisco as half dead cuttings in the back of a dudes trunk I wanna say around 2011 or 12 ish. Those will always have a spot in my heart for favorite flowers to smoke and I’m sure I’ll add to the list as time goes on but moral of the rant is follow what your eyes and nose attract and follow what your body reacts to the best don’t just follow these trends and try to smoke what’s cool. If your growin it’s another story though an you gotta grow whatever is hot at the time or you might risk sitting on some real bomb weed not selling because it’s not what the markets after just like in 04 05 06 you could only get top dollar for good purps and a little bit of kush and sours then it was only ogs for a while then blue dream popped off, then cookies was it, then a little bit of all of them mixed with exotics then candy

  3. Yes as a cookies consumer I would rather pay more for a pack of 5 with each pre roll obtaining 3.5 infused pre roll , also cookies ceramic tips are game changer I love it , guys super excited to learn more … Salute to everyone 💙🫡💨💨💨😊

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