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  1. Hey Thomas I ain't bought your boxes yet cuz of my situation at home, but I think it'd be a good idea for every different month or every different box after every month or after every different subscription have like a different font for that hella hella high club sticker and make some of the words look like animated monsters and then make the one for the next month maybe look like a skate park with tagging behind the words and a skateboard in the I don't know I'm high as well I thought that'd be a good idea when I saw the sticker cuz it looked different with the little glare on it

  2. Why u smoke with a guy that has girl lungs 😂😂😂 to afraid to take blinkers but wanna act like he’s smokes 😂😂😂 get that female outta here next time jus do the box alone or with OG that female ur doin it with is not it 😂😂😂

  3. Love all the stuff you’re doing man, Big ups to you💪🏽❤️. I’m Nigerian and we’ve got a Strain called “colos”. The high is outta this world and trust me when I say outta this world, two drags and you’re done 😂. I hope you try it someday. I’m a big fan of your🔛🔝

  4. Y’all been getting good advice. Definitely a good choice cutting out a lot of slow pace and silent parts. All the random admins and back snd forth cuts are fucking perfect. Definitely a noticeable change for sure

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