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  1. High from Canada. Thanks kindly for taking the time to show us this video. Been smoking cannabis since 1974 and it was just habit to take in a huge hit and hold it. But I've seen senior citizens smoke small hits and get just as high but without the coughing. So now I try to take small hits and get just as high as before. Great topic by the way. Say, do you know if different types concentrates should be smoked at different temperatures? For example, do diamonds burn slower than shatter? Just curious… Your grateful fan sincerely, Sativa

  2. Lol! Yeah, big puffs make me cough and sometimes vomit. Small puffs do the job. It's also a social thing… you say a lot about yourself in how you toke. Are you a greedy wild animal? …are you sophisticated and mature? Are you modest, or are you Narcissus?

  3. Science seems to say YES.
    Given the same weed, same duration of smoke session, a bigger hit held in longer will get you higher.
    It's all about saturation and surface area. Bigger means a higher concentration of the smoke in your lungs. Hold the hit in longer and the lining of the lungs has more time to absorb what you give it.

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