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  1. I got to meet Berner at the new lemonade store that opened in Milwaukie Oregon and then went to the show in Ridgefield was a super crazy experience and I can't wait for you to come back!

  2. its been 3weeks no weed
    havin detox till december its hard watching it coz i get cravings & missing it
    nice catch up tho doz r sum THICK JOINTS perks of havin money & connections uz probably go through ounce in 1 day it usually takes me 2weeks to finish a half if im working

    anyways im havin brake to get fit & lose alot of weight to get healthy 105kgs to 93kgs in 5weeks my 1st cone would smash me in 4-6mnths

    anyways have u ever had any WARTS or SICK from alot of HANDSHAKES?
    i stopped doing it years ago after having a wart & also shakin dealers hand yeeears ago was kinda slimmy i assumed it was SPERM i never hand shake ever now jus give elbows & head nodes

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