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  1. Unbelievable man! Watching for so long, and the sincerity behind the genuine content has always been A1! Thomas congratulations on this accomplishment, and thank you so much for the lonely hours and days you filled with nothing but laughs and joy!! Always rooting for you maynneee❤

  2. Yolaaaa wassup bro ima fan from Michigan we got gas I just wanted to say you helped change my life I was in a dark state very depressed and I didn’t have any motivation I started watching your videos and I realized their is a paradise and their is a finish line for the hard work and the grind I just wanna say one day I’m gonna shake your hand I just gotta find my rhythm and find my jump start also a cart brand from Michigan that you should try is common citizen live resin or Mac pharms .5g hash rosin

  3. Bout fuckin time someone realised how great your brand is! Im happy with the direction the channel is going lately, ik some big things are coming! Keep up the fire content man, and keep being yourself!

  4. Hey Thomas. Not sure if you answered this in the video but Oklahoma isn't on the list of store locations. When do you think Push Trees will make it to other states because i would really like to buy some of your stuff at zumiez.

  5. Yola don't k own of you'll see this but if you by chance do you got good fucing taste in weed , oil & dabs now you are going to have good taste in merchandise coming soon definitely can't wait to walk into zumiez in the mall in Spokane washington soon & see your fire merchandise in the store & potentially buy some merch. Keep up the good work.

  6. I live in a place where the nearest skate shop was fucking closed so Zumiez is all I have and I swear to god when I go to get bearings or new trucks whatever I'm buying your shirts. Like yo this fucking awesome!

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