Binoid Delta-8 THC Product Review

Binoid Delta-8 THC Product Review


Looking for a way to uplift your spirits from the daily stress of adulthood in a matter of minutes? Your search is over! Today we’ll be reviewing a more advanced-user item that requires a bit of knowledge about vaping: the Mango Kush Disposable Vape from Binoid. This type of Delta-8 THC product activates within five minutes and is also portable, making it extremely attractive for users with a hectic schedule. We’re excited to share this fascinating product with you today and look forward to sampling the taste as well as experiencing the effects. Before we jump into this product review, let’s first take a look at what this particular cannabinoid is and what to expect on your Delta-8 THC experience.

Delta-8 THC: A Very Brief Overview

The hemp plant is quite possibly the most famous and well-known plant on the planet, having been used for centuries for a variety of reasons. This fascinating plant is chock-full of fascinating cannabinoids, some of which you may already be familiar with. Delta-9 THC (also known as marijuana) is certainly the most infamous of the cannabinoids, thanks to the powerful hallucinogenic properties that come from smoking it. But there are two other recently popularized cannabinoids that have changed the way users treat common mental health issues like anxiety, depression, PTSD, joint pain, sleep issues, and so much more: CBD and Delta-8 THC. CBD is a completely non-psychoactive cannabinoid, meaning you won’t get high when you use it. Delta-8 THC is the middle ground of CBD and Delta-9 THC, offering a smoother high that allows you to remain completely clear headed and in control.

Fondly referred to as the “lite” version of marijuana, Delta-8 THC is a popular option for users who have been traumatized by the powerful high brought on by smoking traditional weed. But make no mistake, Delta-8 THC delivers a deliciously heady high for both the mind and body. Instead of overwhelming your senses with an overwhelming high that keeps bringing you higher and higher, Delta-8 THC reaches a certain point and stays there. What’s more is that Delta-8 THC contains less than 0.3% THC and is derived from hemp, making it legal for resale in all but a handful of states. Delta-8 THC is also available in a myriad of products, including edibles, vapes, tinctures, and so much more. For more information about Delta-8 THC, check out some of our other in-depth articles such as How Does Delta-8 THC Affect the ECS, What Using Delta-8 THC Feels Like The First Time, Guide to Delta-8 THC Products on the Market, and A Simple Guide To How Is Delta-8 THC Made. Let’s run through a quick guide on what to expect with your Delta-8 THC, including side effects and recommended doses.

What To Expect On Your Delta-8 THC High

One of the most common questions about Delta-8 THC is “How high will I get?” The answer to that question depends on a few personal factors, such as metabolism, weight, age, previous exposure to THC, and others. Whether you’re an experienced THC user or a complete novice, it’s crucial to start with low doses to gauge your body’s reaction. Most companies will offer a recommended dosage on either the product packaging or on the site’s product description. Depending on the product’s of Delta-8 THC content, some companies will recommend either a half or whole gummy, one or two puffs of a cartridge, a single softgel, and so forth. Keep in mind that some products have lengthy reaction times as well. Edibles such as softgels, gummies, and other treats can take anywhere from 30-90 minutes, whereas advanced-user items like cartridges and vapes can take a mere five minutes to kick in. Many manufacturers will warn you not to exceed the recommended dosage within a certain time frame, meaning you’ll need to be patient. Taking too much Delta-8 THC in one sitting can cause extreme drowsiness and can even exacerbate your paranoia and anxiety. Keep track of how much your initial dose was and allow ample time for the effects to kick in, as you can always increase your dosage next time.

If you’re taking Delta-8 THC for the first time, be sure to check with your primary care physician to ensure it is safe for you to consume. You should never operate a vehicle or other machinery, as the ensuing high can be disorienting and often lasts for several hours. I personally enjoy taking Delta-8 THC products at the end of a long day, as it helps me relax and unwind. Some users have reported increased creativity, appetite stimulation, and even enhanced arousal throughout their high. Some less pleasurable side effects include dry mouth and drowsiness, but a quick swig of water and a warm bed will quickly remedy both of these. Now that we’ve gone over what Delta-8 THC is and what to expect, it’s time to start our highly anticipated review of the Mango Kush Disposable Vape from Binoid. We’ll take a quick look at the Binoid company and jump right into our full-blown product review. Let’s begin!

The Binoid Brand

There are at least 32 cannabinoids that scientists have discovered in the hemp plant, and Binoid offers eight of those cannabinoids in various products on their website. CBD, Delta-8 THC, Delta-9, and Delta-10 are the more common cannabinoids, but some lesser known ‘binoids including THC-0, HHC, THC-P, and THCV are also available. Their motto is “Live More, Naturally” and they manifest this mantra with an impressive catalog of gummies, tinctures, capsules, vapes, and more. Binoid even sells a buy-one-get-one pack of vape battery pens (required for using any 510 screw-in-connection cartridges) a huge plus for Delta-8 THC users who are looking for a great deal on necessary hardware. All of the products in Binoid’s catalog are reasonably priced and come in a variety of flavors, strengths, and other options.

But the disposable vape section is where the real fun begins! Disposables are somewhat of a new product in the industry, as many users are looking for convenience rather than long-term investments. Binoid answers this call to action with two types of disposables: rechargeable and regular. The Delta 8 THC Disposable Vape normally sells for $59.99, but was on sale for $27.99. There were six different flavor options, each one specially labeled as sativa, indica, or hybrid strains. There was also a brief description of what the disposable device was intended to do, as well as disclaimers, warnings, customer reviews, suggested items, and much more. It had almost an Amazon-style feel to the website: simple but well-stocked with information.

While I didn’t see any options for reduced pricing via a monthly subscription service, there were several pop-up windows that offered small discounts (10-15% off) for simply signing up for their email newsletter. There was also a Loyalty & Reward section on the site where users can accumulate points and earn towards discounts on future orders. For those looking to stock their brick-and-mortar or online shelves, there is also a wholesale option for large bulk orders.

The Binoid website had a very classic and crisp feel to it that was oddly refreshing. There were no showy graphics, themes, or videos, but the site still had a very informative and professional feel to it. Some of these cannabinoids I’d never heard of, but was excited to read through the product descriptions to better understand these new products. Now that we’ve explored the brand and company website, it’s time to check out the actual product review of the Mango Kush Disposable Device.

Mango Kush Disposable Delta-8 THC Product Review

While we’ve reviewed several Delta-8 THC cartridges from a plethora of reputable brands, this will be the second disposable device that we’ve come across. Our first disposable product review was from a Delta-8 THC powerhouse called Dimo Hemp. You can check out that review here to get an idea of other disposables, but keep in mind that this is a more advanced user item. Both disposables and cartridges can get clogged due to built-up residue, but this residue can be removed with a bit of heat from a blow-dryer or by using a toothpick to dig out any build-up.

The disposable vape came packaged in a simple plastic container that was easily pried open (more on the packaging later). The packaging stated that the disposable device contained an Indica blend that is intended to calm and relax the user. Indica is often jokingly referred to as the “in da couch” strain due to the intense feeling of drowsiness. Other than the mention of mango in the product’s name, there was no mention of the expected flavor of scent. The device was extremely light, perhaps a little larger than the average thumb drive. There was a clear window directly beneath the duckbill mouthpiece that allowed me to see how much oil was left in the chamber. The oil was extremely thick and motionless, despite tilting the device upside down and side to side.

Once I was satisfied in my initial examination of the device, I held the device in my nose to see if there was any detectable scent and was surprised to smell nothing at all. I removed the rubber stop from the device’s tip and cautiously took my first hit of the device. I noted a light whooshing sound as a light vapor filled my mouth. Sometimes disposables and cartridges take a while to activate, but this one activated after a second or two. The flavor was surprisingly sweet and fruity, with a sharp tang of citrus. I felt a harsh burning sensation in my throat and nostrils, as well as a slight urge to cough. This feeling passed after a few seconds, and I waited for a few minutes before taking a second hit. Perhaps I inhaled a bit too deeply because I could not quell the urge to cough. After a few seconds of vigorous coughing, the sensation faded away and I was able to breathe normally again.

I felt the effects start to kick in within five minutes. It was as if a light blanket had settled on my whole body, leaving me warm and euphoric. I detected a light cotton mouth but nothing unbearable. I experienced heightened sensitivity and a warm sleepy sensation. My eyelids were slightly heavy but not to the point where I couldn’t keep them open. I felt like I was relaxed but fully aware of my surroundings, albeit with a slight haze over my senses. I did feel a sense of creativity and a more pensive attitude with my thoughts. The high remained for over an hour, but I still felt energetic enough to complete some tasks before eventually going to bed. I felt peaceful and relaxed and fell asleep quickly. Since I tried this product initially with two puffs, and then tried it again with just one, I can honestly say that just one puff felt like a microdose, while two puffs delivered a much more intense high.

Lab Testing

Despite its growing popularity, Delta-8 THC products are not yet regulated by the FDA. This means that anyone can create a Delta-8 THC product and market it as being a pure and potent product. Thankfully, there is a way to both confirm and cross-reference the validity of these claims through independent third-party lab test results. But the mere presence of lab results and Certificates of Authority) results does not always mean that the company is legitimate. In our last article, we mentioned an unethical company that created bogus CoAs using the template of an actual CoA. While this is unfortunate, it does happen. Lab testing is both-time consuming and expensive, but is critical to building trust with both current and future customers. If you’re concerned about the validity of your results, you can always contact the lab directly to confirm the results are accurate and up to date. Binoid takes their commitment to purity and potency very seriously, testing their products five times before they are offered for sale. You can view the results of their lab testing in the About tab; simply click on the Lab Results tab and you’ll be able to view the CoA’s of all the products listed on the Binoid website. As a bonus, you can also scan the QR code on the back of the product packaging and be redirected to the same page.

Hemp Information

Binoid uses hemp from Oregon to craft their products, citing the rich nutrients in the soil, the vast farmer knowledge, and the beautiful weather. The hemp contains excellent plant genetics, natural terpenes, and a plethora of highly concentrated cannabinoids. The hemp is extracted in a US-based ISO Certified lab that is also cGMP Certified, a rarity in the hemp industry. Each product is Kosher Certified and Kosher Food Grade, along with several other qualifications. Binoid has made it their mission to deliver high-quality products that their consumers can trust and benefit with, thus improving their overall health and wellness.

Product Legality & Drug Tests

In accordance with the 2018 Farm Bill, all Delta-8 THC products are required to contain no more than 0.3% THC. This federal ruling allows Delta-8 THC to be legally bought and sold in hemp-approved states. Despite the low THC content, there is a possibility that you may fail a drug test. Drug tests only confirm the presence of THC metabolites but do not specify which product they came from. If you are subjected to random drug tests for employment reasons, you should not consume any Delta-8 THC products.

Product Packaging

The product packaging for Binoid’s disposable vape was a simple clear case that had a raised section on the left-hand side for the product to fit snugly in. The case was easy to open by hand (no scissors required) and simply listed the company name, cannabinoid type (Delta-8 THC), flavor (Mango Kush), strain (indica – calm), amount (0.5 grams), and product type (disposable). The back of the packaging contained the batch number, disclaimers, warnings, and ingredients. There was a small section on directed use (take hits until desired effect is achieved) and estimated doses per cartridge (100). As we mentioned earlier, there was a large QR code that can be scanned to display the Lab Results on your smart device.


As one of the few disposable devices that I get to review, I was absolutely delighted with Binoid’s Mango Kush disposable. The device itself was lightweight, easy to open, and while not exactly tasting like mango, it did indeed have a deliciously sweet and piney flavor. The Binoid website was equally impressive, offering a sprawling variety of products from an array of cannabinoids that users of all levels can enjoy. Their product packaging, hemp information and lab testing was professionally detailed and offered peace of mind for both current and potential customers. If you’re looking for a simple and convenient way to enjoy your high on-the-go, I highly (no pun intended!) recommend the Mango Kush Delta-8 THC Disposable Vape from Binoid.

Have you tried any other cannabinoid-infused products from Binoid? What are some of your favorite products you use to experience a Delta-8 THC high? Don’t by shy; share your experiences in the comments below! We are continuing to learn more about the hemp plant’s incredible healing powers every day, and we’re excited to offer these product reviews to you every week. Check back with us next week, as we review a vape cartridge from a familiar company once again: Moonwlkr! Until then, we hope your Delta-8 THC high will continue to take you to new heights!


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