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  1. I feel like the government/FDA doesn't value animals as a whole and think of them as "things". That's why they really don't care what's in the pet food. Doing the bare minimum. 😔
    I feel like Europe has better standards on there pet food.

  2. I'm not sure I'm buying into this… When food is cooked it would kill the virus unless you're feeding raw then possibly but I don't think viruses spread that way from what I have been listening to🤍🤍

  3. Dr .my Doxie has a lot of skin allergies and I’m trying to find a good dog food for him . He’s been on Blue and now he is on Chicken Soup .
    I’ve had him to the vet several times , tried the shot and meds . Did nothing for him ? Help Please if you can . Thank you for all your info . Just found you not to long ago .

  4. Not sure if I'm buying that it was a "virus" in the food. Show us the virus.
    It's more likely a deadly toxic substance of some kind. I just dont trust these virus stories. Really what is killing the cats.

  5. Their deaths were from the cat food, but call me skeptical about it being from a virus. Reports of viruses are tailor made for fear mongering. There has never been conclusive proof that 1) viruses actually exist and 2) that if they do exist, that they cause disease states.
    Do fireman cause fires?
    Do flies cause garbage?
    The presence of cellular debris means that there is the presence of cellular debris. No other facts can be extrapolated about it.
    Remember: virology is big business for big pharma. That fact alone should make the narrative suspect.
    And since when have we had our trust in the FDA verified? Haven’t the last 3 plus years taught us that the alphabet agencies lie for money?

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