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  1. You are spreading misinformation check your facts . Use that (dirty) bud for tincture or making butter . Bud washing is a made up thing by people who don't have a clue???go ahead and wash your bud . Why complicate things?

  2. I washed my last yrs outdoor harvest & wow the stuff that came out was unbelievable, i will defiantly be doing it every yr.from here on out, Happy Growing friends from the sunrise side of Mich 👍

  3. Thank you so much for this, I grow indoors however noticed some "cat" hair on my buds and certainly don;'t want to ingest that. Was worried though, about the process of Bud washing. I have a couple more weeks to go but will definitely wash the buds now that I've seen your video and did my research.

  4. Dude you stole my hair. Thanks for keeping it old school. Or maybe I was doing the new school hairdo. 😆 Please try and do a video of Panama red auto by Nukehead seeds. That thing is rare and very colorful.

  5. You should do bud washing for indoor grows specially if you walk into ur tent because u would be spreading dead skin cells through ur tent and on to ur flowers and u will be dropping hair aswell

  6. just finished a very stressful outdoor grow with several issues. close to harvest i noticed some powdery mildew developing in certain buds and alot of dandelion seeds stuck everywhere. the wash worked great. trichomes look good through the loupe on the 10th day of drying right now and good to go. not sure ill wash every time but certainly when needed without worry, thanks!

  7. Makes sense to me. If your weed is that gross your options would be to either toss it or try washing it. I think you probably loose a few trichomes but not anything significant as long as your not agitating the water like you do when making bubble hash.

  8. Always get a laugh when people freak out about bud washing. No big deal. Have done it before and was very surprised at the results. I grow indoors but if I grew outside I would wash everything. 😁👍🌿

  9. Sure Bud washing is O.K. If absolutely necessary who wants to smoke bird and bug poop 💩 usually this is a common practice for outdoor growing where the environment isn’t always controllable.What to use to wash buds is personal preference lemon juice,baking soda,a tiny bit of liquid dawn works great make sure it’s the blue regular liquid dawn the stuff used to wash oil spills off baby ducks as seen on the commercial.Best way is to get 2 five gallon buckets one for wash and one for rinse mixing is subjective I personally mix a half cup of lemon juice 1/4 cup of baking soda and one table spoon of dawn for one 5 gallon bucket then grab a good size branch with buds on it dunk in and out of wash bucket solution for a full minute or so the do the same with the rinse bucket trichomes shouldn’t be affected to much there on the Bud stronger than you think.

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