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  1. Check out the concept store if you're in Amsterdam, and check their Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/familyfirstconceptstore/
    Want to see the flower? Click here – https://youtube.com/shorts/Z3auQy5TQdU?feature=share

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  2. Karel‘s Haze at Greenhouse. I avoid Barney’s since their Khalifa Kush scam and since they‘re trying to flog customers bigger amounts of weed. Weed quality decreased as well within the last couple of years

  3. After many years smoking I can definitely say that I really don’t like Haze in general. I really don’t like that paranoid effect which ends (for me) in anxiety. I do love the taste and terps but sincerely I wouldn’t buy it.. (Barney’s weed and seeds are total crap. I don’t understand how people can go or buy their products 😂)

  4. Yo Drew, I’ve got funny story! I’ve never been to Dam but was meant to go when I was 17 but got caught smoking a J in my garden by my Indian mum (now 23). I’ve never been to dam and I’ve been having dreams about family first and all these coffee shops just because I watch your YT videos. I literally can dream of going to all these coffee shops, meeting people, smoking flavours and getting hella high and paranoid in my dream; all because I watch your videos! P.s I’ve stopped smoking weed for a few days so my dreams have been really weird but sickkkkk

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