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  1. 245 a Q I don’t care how "fire" that bud is I’m not paying stupid prices like that, I get Q’s for 50 and my buds always hits strong and ash clean I can’t justify paying that sort of doh for just a Q it’s daylight robbery

  2. I had no problem going to Amsterdam’s other than the fact they sold almost everything with tobacco in it and they don’t know what swishers are and actually I have so many problems. Paying that much for a gram better have come with a girl and a dinner plan damn

  3. Bro your connoisseur chat is waffle. You just talk bland shit and make this stuff up as you go. Teenagers might buy into your shit but real smokers know you made it off the back of being a good orator, not knowing your bud. Enjoy being a flash in the pan, when you grow up you gonna be growing like the rest of us chilling and lamenting.

    Enjoy dude. Leanne guess @hint if gas there yeah”. You mug. fuxking took lol

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