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  1. yea i notice that with cali plug like you really got to know what flavor cause some of the flavors dont be hitting, like blue nerdz he sell is airpack, but the barbus you tried was fire, he had some megazords that liked, stunna is good, its really hit or miss with cali plug for sure haha, i knew when you tried cheeto breath it was not good, but cheeto breath reloaded is one of the best packs i got from him shi crazy how cali plug is hit or miss haha

  2. let fucking go o hell ya been waiting for you to put anther one out i been missing with only your kind of weed man And I haven't been disappointed yet for reall you all he knows the reall from that bulshit air pack keep being you brother man for reall thank you for pointing me in the right direction that cali stuff no more getting fucked over no more Is nasty weed straight fire gas now

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