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  1. I was chilling at my friend's house and there's a car that we usually hotbox outside alot and typically when we have no bud we search the car for roaches, loose bud or anything of that sort well we found sum bud just laying on the ground and a roach so we take it inside and pack a bowl we start smoking and about 2 rotations later I find myself as high I've ever been before and I was confused cuz it's only one bowl pack how do one get high off one bowl it makes no sense especially when it's getting passed around but anyways about 15 minutes later I start to see myself in the third person in cartoon form (ik weird right) anyways I start to see that and then I start to feel perpetual waves go thru my body and not only did I fell the waves I saw them to but it looked like waves on a spectral plane or sumthing it was the weirdest experience I've had in my life I don't if the weed was just insanely good or it was laced with something cuz I've never heard of any drug or psychedelic have effects like that especially weed doing such things 🤷

  2. My weed was laced 2 times 2 different eile one its herion and spice and a didn't know nowt about weed so a was hooked n a won't by street stuff again am trying to get legal cannabis

  3. It's become alot more common now.
    two of my friends who had gotten arrested at some point tested positive one and pcp and another had crack in there system.

    One of my other friend tested positive for pcp in mental hospital and I have heard stories from other people.

    I tripped on funny weed and thought my roommates where witches I thought I was dying.

  4. I got bud laced with speed… didn’t smoke it took one smell and I went nowhere near haha like you said it’s really obvious it’s not just bud, but you kinda need to be experienced toker to know it’s not right I would say

  5. Once after I finished a joint with my friend, he told me there was salvia in it and I got kind of freaked out, but he was just messing with me. You can't get high off smoking salvia anyway but I didn't know that.

  6. Laced weed, laced with super cheap synthetic cannabinoids. That ounce cost $200 quid or less. However now you can call it white rhino and sell it for double. Folk come back cause they get so high. Synthetic noids are also super addictive.

  7. Yup MAM 2201, JWH 018, synthetic cannabinoids sprayed onto a eastern european crime syndicate commercial pgr grow. It will mess you up hard but not necessarily in a good way. An ounce of herb needs 100 mg of mam 2201. $3 us or a quid to make weak shit weed wayyy more potent and addictive.

  8. I’ve had laced cannabis before on raspberry haze never ever been as high even in dam I’ve smoked Cali but that haze sent me west and turns out he sprayed it with shit before getting stabbed🤣

  9. Got some buds and it was pretty grainy making scratching sounds when grinding, even pinched of a leaf from the bud, grinded it with my front teeth and was also pretty grainy.
    Like there are other alternatives dealers lace their weed, they mix sugar with water and let it evaporate under hanging plants so the buds can absorb the 'weight'

  10. You wanna fucken bet, I got buds yesterday, stayed up all night gurning, got fucking terrible withdrawals today smoked abit tonight and I'm fucken gurning again, Ive done ice before and yes this shit is ice, the buds just look frosty and the reason this happens is because the withdraw is sooo bad you go get more, I'm flushing it tomorrow wish me luck I haven't touched ice in 2 years😔

  11. I once had a out of body expieriance which lasted about 1 minute from weed even though i was sharing the joint with 2 of my friends.
    it was only 1 gram i definitely smoked the most but i was completely out of it to an extent where i could barely walk or talk.
    Afterwards i asked my friends how they felt and neither of them really had anything out of the ordinary happen.

  12. Recently got some "stardawg" which was laced with plastic fibers/fiberglass. The fibres were all the way through the nugs meaning the grower was chucking it on the plants throughout the whole grow.

    My dealer was stuck with a kilo of it.

  13. Imagine freaking out and thinking your weed is laced cos you feel so high, then you click on this video and see Drew teleport through a portal and greet you as if nothing happened lmao

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