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  1. The fact that weed is illegal in most parts of the world is telling sign of how retarded every government is when alcohol is legal. Ain't no one on weed gets aggressive while some folks on alcohol picks fights and beats their spouses.

  2. Can weed treat CTE's? Go ask Antonio Brown. There's your answer.

    Sure weed can treat CTE's… about as much as alcohol or cocaine can I suppose. Weed is great but it never has been and never will be some magical cure for….checks notes… anything and everything? Apparently?

  3. The issue is the leagues don’t care about the players. And that’s in any sport. They all would sweep this right under the rug if they could. And they even have before in the past numerous times. They don’t put rules in place or anything untill they are pressured to do so. And it dosent matter what it is really the league just dosent care about the players, they want production, and these teams know that in 3-5 years they will be able to go out and find another player for that position that’s just as good so why care if they last 20yr? And they have the mentality that “the strong survive and the weak give up.” But not when your pushing your body to that limit, and some peoples bodies can’t hold up during that. But yea this is a real issue in pro sports no doubt.

  4. From Pop Warner to HS to college we were coached to use our heads as weapons…. back in the day. I did it well, too well and I've been paying a heavy price for it for the last 20 years and know that it's not gonna stop until I'm dead, why would anyone deny me? 64 and counting…

  5. Should we let kids play a game that gives them traumatic brain injuries that change their entire personalities for the rest of life, or should we let them play a sport that doesn't involve injuring your central nervous system permanently? Hmmmmm tough choice but I think they should stick to tennis/soccer/swimming/literally any other sport that doesn't ruin your brain

  6. Seems more than likely that the beginning of the end of football for the player is the end of truth for its players, or whatever the kids are saying these days 🤦🏿 Tragic. Sports sure ain't how it was. Once they started freaking all of the kids out, it was GAME then 😅😅 😂

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