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  1. Thank you for your video, however you made me confused here. So after 3 months, I remove the water and then…?
    I add to the soil? I add to water that I'm using for my plants? Just confused …

  2. Enzymes…? No purchase necessary when growing organically. It is for this reason you have the most healthy and happy relationship between your plant and the Rizosphere ( the biological highway or circle of life within the root zone of your plants) When the enzymes make food available to the plant, which was made possible by the bacteria, which was brought to the extended root zone by the mycholrizal fungi, which was feed sugars each night by your plants. That send down those sugars as a healthy thank you for all the hard work. Not only this but the list goes deeper if you vermacompost with worms and even insects like spring tail soil mites and more. All of these things feed on each other and believe it or not. A truly aspiring rizosphere is made even more healthy and active by the presence of a few good fungus gnats. Along with them come predatory soil mites. Which feed on the fungus gnats larvae and at the same time. Stay ever vigilant at protecting your plants from a host of unwanted pests. Feeding the organic soil with molasses only brings more enzymes that were already in place…if you do it right.

  3. Catalyst.

    Enzymes are protein catalysts that can accelerate a chemical reaction and thus favor any required process. Enzyme catalysts are different from chemical catalysts and offer several advantages, as an intensive requirement of energy is reduced as the reactions usually proceed at room temperature.

  4. Hi, im growing outdoors and i have two plants that went into early flowering…{started with less then 14 hours daylight} Is there anything i can do to salvage them? FYI im in SoCal

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