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  1. I wish people would be more neighborly about cannabis related odors. I live in a rec and medical legal state, where home growing is also legal. I am 100% pro-home grow. That said, my neighbor, who I have known for many years, grew two plants in her backyard. I know because the odor was overpowering, on a hot day you could smell it for blocks, and I could see the tops of the two plants from my bedroom window. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the smell of cannabis, but not all day, and all night, in my bedroom, in my office, in my living room, pretty much everywhere in the house, especially if the windows were open (which is pretty much my option for climate control as I have no AC.) If they could have put in a carbon filter, I'd have happily purchased it for them. I can't imagine an indoor grow without one.

  2. a carbon filter protects your fan from dust and increases its life span. Also your filter needs to be high quality and fully filled with carbon otherwise the air will find its way past without getting filtered. My carbon filter DOES NOT remove all of the smell.

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