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  1. have you ever tried nirvana's white widow i grown alot of this in the past and it's one of the best strains i've ever smoked would love to see you guys do a review on it  

  2. Not to be a dick or anything, and i'm COMPLETELY for having MMJ cups and festivals but don't rag on alcohol festivals as bad unless you've been to one.

    The Great American Beer Fest and the many many California craft beer fests go well with no fights/violence, etc.

    I do agree though that a bunch of drunks is a lot worse than a bunch of stoners!

  3. Good deal, you guys aren't enjoying yourself are you?

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  4. @fusioncan1 they are in the marijuana business, I don't know specifically what they do but in a lot of videos they talk about friends as growers and they partnered up with Chubbs from Nuggetry. So they most likely get a shit ton of bud for discount price for helping dispensaries.

  5. I've been watching these uploads for a few weeks now and…has it already been explained what these guys do for a living? do they run a dispensery? or just get profit off this channel? or are they glassblowers or something? i just cant wrap my mind around where all this flower and oil is coming from. makes me feel like i should just start smoking in front of the camera and make some monies.

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