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  1. Hi there , beginner here my seeds turned into long stemy 2 leafers so i watered em laid them down buried em now not sure what the best light is to use . I have red white and blue & an orange one …. Which one(s) do you suggest?

  2. @2:30 something not mentioned, ballasts generate a ton of EMF. Never place these anywhere near sensitive electronics like a cable modem, as they can cause so much interference it can take down your internet. I'm talking a minimum of a room or more away.

    LEDs are basically superior in every way to these old lighting systems.

  3. Kyle Kushman was one of my first "weed heros" back in 99. I was fresh to the grow scene & found High Times mag. Knew nothing & found Kyle Kushmans 12 qt bloom busting organic soil mix. The rest is kush history! You the MAN!

  4. here's a question how does one get into commercial Gardening for profit. like to distribute to cannabis medical centers Etc.. very helpful tips and tuts thanks Kyle and team

  5. You should have mentioned how much money you save with LED's. I just had a first grow with 18/6 Veg 12/12 flower. My bill was not that much different from normal. My yields were disappointing as I am new to it, but all plants hit 4 feet in height and what I did produce was quality.

  6. Started in the middle helping with a buddies grow. As I am in the beginning of starting my own. Stumbled on to one of your videos on super cropping. I was inspired how you talked about the plants. And for the lack of a better way to say it humanize them. Which fits how I feel about them. Inspired to the point I am going back and watching this video by video. Thank you for passing your knowledge brosef.

  7. I'm looking for an led grow light best bang for my buck under$400usd do you have any suggestions ?so far i am looking between the bestva 3000and the kingled 3000 or if you can suggest any thing else thanks..

  8. Bones, daspres de un accident de transit i de 10 anys al hospital, no puc corre 😉 (ESTIC TOCAT DEL ALA)
    Boste em podria ensenyar l'ofici d'agricultor ecològic?
    Si daspres poguessin organitzar una Associació, prodriém mirar de cultivar a Catalunya
    Boste que em pensa?
    Gràcies per la seva atencio.
    Salutacions cordials
    Atentament. Martí

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