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  1. Everyone talks trash on Cavi Cones but they're so powerfully effective it's ridiculous. I recommend these heavily for any real stoners that wanna get wrecked off THC. Fuck taste, who cares what your joint tastes like as long as you're high afterwards. I find it hard to finish one and it would take an extreme feat of endurance to face a cavi cone in one sitting.. 10 / 10 stars !!!!!

  2. I like the vanilla better. I give it a 10 out of 10. of it didn't cost me $15 per cone, I'd get them regularly. what it basically is, is weed, rolled in an oil, rolled in keif. which is why it's such a dark colour. when I smoke them, I smoke 1/4 at a time. between my boyfriend and I, we still can't finish a whole one.

  3. Nice video never tried cavi cone but I will lol got one the other day for 10$ my first time see wats all the fuse about don't really get joints from the shop most of the joints ain't worth shit but that shop I go pretty decent can't go wrong haha and

  4. At a rec shop here in Washington they been filling up the Cavi cones with a black substance that looks like resin is this normal and people are freaking out or is this not natural and that rec shop (the bake shop) is doing shady shit???

  5. Smoker and grower for over 20 years. Sampled more than 90 stains in my time. Cavi cones, though not the typical cannabis joint will get you really high. These prerolls are actually addictive. That good ok. Value for money and will take you to another place for many hours. Thumbs up and hope they put out even more potent pre rolls. Good job Cavi Cone company

  6. I also wanted to know, I have been high but it's like I get super tired and do not like it, I feel like I can't function even if I only do like 1 hit, I guess what I'm looking for is like a euphoria high like if you were to take a Vicodin but also have energy to function like if I were to drink a 5hour energy. Does something like what I'm talking about exist?

  7. I mostly agree.. It doesn't taste as good as you think it would but strength wise; I picked up 3 last night for my birthday from the local dispensary and smoke them between 7 of us.. Shortly after I ended up fainting and hitting my head on a rock. Now, that could of been for a number of reasons but I can tell you this, I have never been so high. If that's what you're looking for, Then I recommend these %100.

  8. Really dude if u ever tried caviar gold then u would know what cavi taste like and it taste just like the cones.. there are so many flavors but there are so many fake cavi cones out there.. my fav is regular meaning no flavor and at 10 bucks a pop i think there worth it

  9. Got one of these today. It wasn't very impressive. Since I vaporize I busted it up right away and was also surprised by the look of its contents. While it does appear to be pretty shaky weed, the color is indeed due to being soaked in some kind of hash oil, perhaps with some keif. It's not real strong, though, and that fake raspberry taste isn't real appealing. At least I got mine for free as well. I wouldn't ever go for pre-rolls unless they're fresh from your home dispensary. Thanks for the spot-on review. 

  10. ctfu haha ive had all kinds of pre rolls from different clubs only found 1 out of 20 that has good pre rolled cost $7 now that shit looked nasty as fuck haha good thing it was free 😉

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