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  1. The fact is that there is a large stigma still attached to marijuana use when it comes to females. You can either drink like a fucking fool a be around a bunch of girls, all annoying as fuck and falling over. Or enjoy great weed and unfortunately come in contact with very few women. I hope some day that changes, stoner chicks are cool. Waaay better than drunken club whores.

  2. dabbing is concentrated thc it is a lot higher in thc that bud it can have 60% to 90% as the highest ive seen. you cant buy it outside of medical and legal states unless someone dose it illegally

  3. its not as bad but smoking weed is still putting tar in your lungs. not nearly as bad a cigs, just not great. its still smoke. when you dab any sort of oil you are actually vaporizing the oil. so no tar is created

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