Check Out My Picks for the Best Delta 8 Moon Rocks for Every Use

Check Out My Picks for the Best Delta 8 Moon Rocks for Every Use


Have you heard about delta 8 moon rocks, but you’re not entirely sure what they are (or if they’re even safe to consume)? Known for their psychoactive experiences, delta 8 moon rocks sound intimidating. However, once you know how to find the best delta 8 moon rocks (and how to consume them), you’re bound to get a pleasurable experience. 

Bottom Line Upfront

With so many to choose from, it’s hard to pick a moon rock that’s best for you. I’ve tried a few on this list, but my favorite might be the Delta 8 Pro™ Moonrock because they’re great for beginners. I’m not a beginner to cannabis use, but I was to moon rocks, and I wish I’d started with this one to ease into it.

Top 3 Picks 

When CBD is your go-to method for relaxation, but you’re ready to try something more potent, this jar of moon rocks is something worth looking into. 

CBD is known to combat loss of appetite and help with different types of nausea. If you also have a condition that makes you nauseous, this product might be worth considering. 

While no Delta 8 moon rocks are genuinely for beginners (because of the high cannabinoids content), these ones have the lowest content yet, so they are suitable for people who are ready to switch to something more substantial for the first time. 

What Are Moon Rocks?

Moon rocks made from marijuana are essentially the “champagne” of the marijuana world. Some even refer to them as cannabis caviar.

They’re made up of various marijuana products rolled into a single extremely strong nugget and smoked. They actually resemble moon rocks. But their capacity to send even the most seasoned cannabis consumer into a frenzy may also play a role.

What Is in Delta 8 Moon Rocks?

The method for Delta 8 moon rocks is relatively straightforward. Manufacturers mix four popular ingredients to form a highly concentrated agglomeration. Consider these four products and some fascinating facts about each.

Hemp Flower

Delta 8 moon rocks are made using grade-A hemp flower as their base ingredient. Manufacturers typically use a quality hemp bud for terpene-infused Delta 8 distillate and dazzling kief to create these wild-looking moon rocks.

Delta 8 Distillate

Due to the minute levels of Delta 8 found in cannabis and hemp flowers, it must be isolated and concentrated on experiencing its psychotropic effects. That is when the distillate enters the picture. It’s a liquid containing Delta 8 THC that may be dipped into to prep the hemp flower for rolling in the CBG kief.

CBG Kief

This is a resinous trichome collection that forms on the exterior of hemp flowers. CBG is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that has therapeutic benefits, including stress reduction. 

The odd and lovely appearance of the Delta 8 moon pebbles is achieved by coating them in CBG kief after being dipped in the Delta 8 distillate.


These are the chemical components responsible for hemp’s unique flavor and aroma. There are numerous terpenes to discover. It has been believed that the terpene profile of a particular strain contributes to the strain’s psychoactive effects.

The components are added to Delta 8 moon rocks to give the product an extra boost of exquisite flavor.

How Are Delta 8 Moon Rocks Made?

Moon rocks are created by spraying or dipping a marijuana nugget in hash oil or concentrate. They are typically produced with Girl Scout Cookies, flower, and concentrate but may be made with any strain.

After coating the nugget, it is rolled in kief. Kief, also known as dry sift, is the crystallized resin that coats the cannabis flower. Terpenes and cannabinoids are present in this crystal residue.

Are Delta 8 Moon Rocks Effective?

The actual strength of each batch varies according to the method of manufacture and who manufactures them; the general consensus is that they contain approximately 50 percent THC. 

For comparison, potent flowers have around 20 percent THC on average. Each hit is nearly self-contained. A moon rock high begins in the head and gradually spreads throughout the entire body, all the way down to your toes. 

Delta 8 hemp moon rocks are well-known for their euphoric effect. It produces a combined effect of various cannabinoids. Generally, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with Delta 8 THC before attempting Delta 8 hemp moon rocks. 

They offer a more enjoyable smoking experience than standard CBD products and are in hot demand. It transforms hemp into a moon rock experience.

Moon rocks have the potential to be rather significant, and they can get you high. However, if you give them a try, you will experience an incredible sensation. It eventually produces psychedelic sensations as well. 

Delta 8 hemp moon rocks are a sure-fire way to get high. They provide an enjoyable smoking experience in addition to recreational benefits. And you will feel it immediately upon the initial hit.

Benefits of Smoking Moon Rocks

Moon rocks are incredibly potent. With that comes several benefits (and potential drawbacks):

You can get really high after consumption. That’s a significant benefit for experienced consumers.
They are highly cost-effective. You can feel significant effects even after consuming a small dosage.
They are great for medical consumers who need products that have higher THC doses.

What Is the Suggested Use for Delta 8 Moon Rocks?


Many people prefer to vape moon rocks rather than high-THC oils. However, you cannot vape pure moon pebbles since they would clog and perhaps ruin your equipment. The proper proportions are one part moon rock to four parts flower. 

Grind the mixture as much as possible because most grinders aren’t suitable for moon rocks. You will likely have to turn to scissors.

You cannot use an excessive amount of moon rock, as most of it will be wasted. A small piece of moon rock contains thousands of milligrams of delta-8. Once combined with flowers, insert the mixture in your vaporizer and turn it on. 

As you click the button, you’ll watch the moon pebbles melt and combine with the rest of the mixture. You will feel the full effects of delta-8 moonrocks with just a puff or two. As a result, exercise caution when administering the dosage.


Most users who prefer to use moon rocks do so in blunts or joints. Moon rocks are not suitable for first-time users due to their high delta-8 content.

Even if you’re a seasoned cannabis user, you must exercise extreme caution regarding dosage. The best method is to combine your moon rocks and flowers in a 1 to 4 ratio. Begin with 0.1-gram moon rock and 0.4-gram flowers. 

You do not have to be precise. Simply make the mixture with this in mind. Using too much moon rock may make it difficult to light a joint, but the effects will be far more potent.

Moon rocks can also be smoked through a bong or glass pipe. But they should be sprinkled on top of the flower in that case. Because moonrocks are greasy, they may be difficult to light if you use too many. Additionally, avoid using torches, as they can quickly deplete your supplies.

Tips for Using Delta 8 Moon Rocks 

Moon rocks are, to put it mildly, quite powerful. If you’re going to give them a shot, there are a few things to consider.

These strong nuggets can wreak havoc on your brain and energy levels, making getting things done difficult. It’s ideal to do so when your schedule is clear or when you have a large chunk of spare time on your hands.

General safety tips for moon rock use:

Eat first, not just to stave off the inevitable hunger but also to mitigate the effects of high-THC cannabis and prevent sickness.
Keep plenty of water on hand and maintain proper hydration before, during, and after smoking. Dry mouth is a near-foregone conclusion.
Take note of your surroundings. Choose a secure location where you can simply sit and relax without any obligations.
Start slow. If you are new to moon rocks or high-THC strains, it can help mitigate the effects’ intensity. 

The Best Delta 8 Moon Rocks

Moon Rocks Jar

Moon Rocks Jar

Take off with these Moon Rocks that have been covered in CBG Kief. They promote relaxation and contain a higher concentration of CBD than other CBD products.

Price Range: $10 – $20
Best for relaxation

These moon rocks are created from the best quality industrial hemp products, providing a concentrated dose of cannabinoids that others can only dream about. Utilize one of these rocks in your bong or pipe to consume high-potency CBD. 

Each mg of moon rocks contains at least 500mg of CBD, making them ideal for experienced CBD users searching for a stronger dose.


Available in 1 and 3.5-gram options.
Great for experienced users. 
Very high potency.


Too strong for beginners. 

Wzrdz – Premium Fortified Delta 8 Hemp Moon Rocks

Wzrdz – Premium Fortified Delta 8 Hemp Moon Rocks

When you’re looking for quality Delta 8 moon rocks, this is yet another brand worth checking out.

Price Range: $60 – $70
Best value

Industrial Hemp Farms is a well-known US-based hemp distributor, making some of the best CBD products in North America. 


Can purchase in monthly installments.
3.5 grams of quality product.
Fun packaging. 


Product page could use more information. 

PharmaCBD Delta-8-THC Infused Sweet Diesel Moonrocks 

PharmaCBD Delta-8-THC Infused Sweet Diesel Moonrocks 

PharmaCBD’s Sweet Diesel Moonrocks infused with Delta-8-THC are a delectable way to consume Delta-8-THC. 

Numerous consumers indicate that Delta-8-THC promotes an overall sensation of well-being because the CB1 and C2B cannabinoid receptors implicated are related to homeostasis (the body’s normal resting state). 

Price Range: $20 – $30
Best for nausea 

Other people have described feeling peaceful, invigorated, and clear-headed after consuming Delta-8-THC. Some users have also reported that Delta-8-THC alleviated symptoms of nausea associated with alcohol hangovers.


Gives a sense of well-being.
Can alleviate nausea.
Can help with menstrual cramps. 


Can make you super sleepy.

PharmaCBD Delta-8-THC Infused Sour Space Candy Moonrocks

PharmaCBD Delta-8-THC Infused Sour Space Candy Moonrocks

Sour Space Candy-Infused PharmaCBD Delta-8-THC Moonrocks is an excellent way to consume Delta-8-THC (D8). Delta-8-THC has intoxicating properties comparable to Delta-9-THC (found in marijuana). 

Price Range: $20 – $30
Best marijuana alternative

Each moonrock is made from hemp cultivated in the United States and infused with Delta-8-THC isolate and natural terpenes before being rolled in CBG kief for a smooth and pleasurable smoke.


Can help with lack of appetite. 
Great for people with low CBD relief.
Price includes 3 grams of product. 


Too strong for beginners.



Made with premium-trimmed CBD flowers, these moon rocks were created for people seeking more potent effects. There are variances in the physical properties and effects of this company’s hand-rolled moonrocks, sprayed moonrocks, and Delta 8 flower. 

Price Range: $30 – $40
Best for medical patients

The latter contains the least quantity of Delta 8 and kief. Sprayed Moonrocks is in the center, including approximately three times the amount of Delta 8 distillate and kief as Delta 8 flower.


Multiple quantity options.
Highly potent product.
Good for medical patients


3.5 grams is the minimum purchase. 

Delta 8 Pro™ Moonrock 

Delta 8 Pro™ Moonrock 

These Delta 8 Moon Rocks begin with A+ quality, premium hemp flower grown indoors in the lovely state of Colorado. They blend the flowers with delta 8 distillate obtained from hemp. 

Price Range: $20 – $30
Best for beginners

During the infusion process, they never utilize harsh chemicals or solvents. After infusion, the sticky nugs are dusted liberally with blond CBD kief. By dry weight, these moon rocks contain 0.3 percent delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol. 


Quality hemp flowers.
Suitable for different levels of CBD experience. 
Lab-tested formulation. 




People who like to consume CBD products regularly are often required to purchase in bulk to get a better deal. If you’re in this category, you’ll surely want to check out this offer, bringing you one pound’s-worth of delta 8 moon rocks. 

Price Range: >$500 (sold by the pound)
Best bulk purchase

With 19.18% total cannabinoids, this product is made using premium hemp flowers and no harsh solvents or chemicals. 


Quality hemp flowers.
Lab-tested products.
Can purchase in bulk. 


You have to buy at least one pound. 

Delta8 Moon Rocks

Delta8 Moon Rocks

These Moon Rocks are the most potent smokable flower available, with a THC content of 30 percent. Made with premium buds that have been steeped in Delta-8 Distillate.

Price Range: $30 – $40
Highest potency

This method results in an extremely strong flower that is ideal for slow-burning smokes or a seemingly endless bowl. The distillate causes the flower to burn slowly and at milder temperatures, which is excellent for extracting the most amount of flavor from your flower.


Made with top-quality Delta-8.
Very high potency. 
Fast shipping. 


You burn a lot when smoking through pipe. 


Question: Are Delta-8 Moon Rocks Good?

Answer: Yes, but they are also very potent, which makes them unsuitable for beginners. 

Question: Are Delta-8 Moon Rocks Safe?

Answer: It all depends on the dosage. While efficient, delta 8 moon rocks may cause headaches, dry mount, cough, munchies, paranoia, anxiety, and increased heart rate. 

Question: What Kind of High do you get From Moon Rocks?

Answer: Smoking moon rocks gives you an immediate high, which feels a little slow at first but kicks into a higher potency about 30 minutes in. 

The Verdict

Moon rocks have always been a popular cannabis product because of their strength and high 

THC content. However, because THC is not allowed in all areas in the United States, some people have turned to delta 8 moonrocks, which have very similar effects minus the illicit part.

If you’re a beginner to cannabis or a beginner to moon rock use, I’d highly recommend trying the Delta 8 Pro™ Moonrock to see how you like it first. And for more great recs like this, check out our website!


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