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  1. looks like a good time… good to see Bavarian food isn't just sausages … funny when guys need to go to "fucking amazing"… I guess the German translation doesn't have the same bang… burgers look good, but sauce on the bun looks messy…

  2. All Austrians and Germans starting to sound like BRUNO! and worse! ffs! Stick to one language! Fools. You’re not even millennials. So no excuses.. sounds so gay. Sorry I said gay. Sorry not sorry

  3. It’s nice to see an episode that brings the series back to the sort of debauchery that defined it in first place. Beautiful stuff… but now I’ve got to go to f’in’ Zürich!

  4. Yo audio sucks and the subject matter sucks. Munchies please stop with this European pretentious bullshit food. Get back to showing us some cool joints with cool people. Not these assholes.

  5. Interesting adjustment to the format. I think it was worth a try however it feels less like an adventure rather than a re-telling. The earlier format felt more like an adventure and every time a new place was revealed over the course of the night, there was a sense of something new. I think this format detracts from that a little. But great content as always, keep it up guys, thank you!

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