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  1. I've had a degenerative s1 disc (your lowest disc) for 6 years working as a mechanic and the only thing that helps me long term is core exercises every day. Maybe certain yoga would help too but I haven't tried it. I hope that you take this recent setback as a reason to take your core strength and spinal health more seriously because I've been there before and know how it feels to literally not be able to move. But you CAN'T be overwhelmed because improvement is always day by day. People don't talk about this but it can take decades to correct someone's spine. We're here for you. All love ❤️

  2. Yo yola I don’t know if your finna see this but I know your not very public with working out and shit but keep grindin you can definitely tell you look a lot healthier brother .Health is wealth !

  3. I met 420 Julian’s buddy at the Erick khan meet in Michigan. Pretty cool dude. He definitely made the day even better than it was! Dude was full of energy and talking to everyone really cool guy.

  4. Yo man it’s genuinely comforting seeing your come up. You’re self made and went through a lot to get to where you are. Ik one day my family and I won’t stress anymore.

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