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  1. I learned about xylitol the hard way. When my dog was a few months old, he ate some cubed chewing gum that contained xylitol. I was at work and had a dentist appointment afterward. I decided to run home and let him out before my appointment. Shortly after I let him out, he went into convulsions. I rushed him to the vet (nearby) and they stabilized him. I rushed back home to see what he might have eaten and found the torn up gum package. I had to board him in an animal hospital for the night for observation. Fortunately, he did not have liver damage and is now 13 years old!


    Oh I hope you read this, I realize it's long but PLEASE
    I have a VERY IMPORTANT question, I've tried to find the info online with no luck and I've already called all vets in my area and they said "I'm sorry we can't help you without an appointment" and YT is my only form of "social media". I'd much prefer to speak privately if you're uncomfortable with that but still willing to talk to me I'll do it here in the comment section although I'd rather not put my question up until &/or unless I know that YOU'RE responding, I just don't want nor do I need a bunch of people jumping all over it/me, the past 7 days have been SOME OF THE WORST days in my life and I'm already beyond overwhelmed I don't particularly want/need the added insanity, with THAT being said… I'm VERY AWARE of the criticism I'm opening myself up to but THAT should probably give you a good idea of how VERY IMPORTANT this is to me.

  3. Thanks for doing this video. My family and I use xylitol daily (it’s great for healthy teeth) we have dogs so we keep the xylitol gums and mints in upper kitchen cabinets stored in plastic storage boxes with covers you have to push down on to open.

  4. ‼️i have found it in plenty of products that are not sugar free. Please read all labels carefully. Peanut butter has been one item i found xylitol in along with sugar, so read labels even if it's not sugar free. Better to buy everything natural with simple ingredients.

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