Cypress Hill in El Paso, Music for the Crowd, & Grammy Talk – The Dr. Greenthumb Show #466


The Dr. Greenthumb Show 466 00:00 – stream starts 14:00 – podcast starts 17:10 – El Paso 25:00 – cater to the crowd and DJ …

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  1. B real I've always wanted to see cypress hill live performance you guys killed it seriously here in chuco 915 I'm not gonna lie I've been to plenty of concerts of different genres party 1,2,3!!! 💯💯💯

  2. Rewatching the show, what a great start to the week! Bobo trying to be sneaky w that wrapper 😂 pero me muero cuando B Real calls Kiero's flips ghost dabs 😆👻☠️ much love to the whole crew. S/O to Sade "it's the color of love 💕"

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