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  1. I've used my Ascent successfully for about four years. All of a sudden it won't heat up. I'm wondering if there's a settings glitch or is it maybe dead? The temp just reads 000F or 430C and the thermometer doesn't come into the display.

  2. Thanks so much for this vid. I'm new to Vapes and picked this one up. However, I was thinking that it would be like smoking a joint basically…boy was I wrong, haha. I also found I was doing it wrong…I had the heat up as high as it would go so I could get more smoke. <— Noob.

  3. Not a fan of this vape at all. Reviews said it creates a dense vapour, but I find it extremely light even at max temp.

    Also, the vape needs to be packed fairly tightly to get any vapour at all. I found a forum online that suggested packing half a bowl then putting the glass jar accessory into the bowl to press it down and keep it compact, and this works (although the vapour is still extremely thin compared to my Arizer Solo) but makes it extremely difficult to repack without a tweezers and somewhere to place the extremely hot glass piece.

    Should have done more research on this one before buying.

  4. It seems to be common opinion about the ascent to keep it fairly packed tight, so that it vaporizes evenly and the material doesn't fly around in the chamber and lose its conduction heating, but this vid says to leave it fluffy?

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